Real World Metal Gear (Video)


"Ever thought a tank on legs would look stupid and too far fetched to be made real? Yes, we've seen legged robots that are able to keep themselves upright, but give them a poke or a sharp incline and they are far from agile. However, the days of Metal Gear are closing in on us. Follow the link for a video of the incredible quadruped robot, BigDog."

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SixZeroFour3877d ago

the part where it started slipping on ice really looked like 2 guys carrying a sofa or something...really creeped me out

mistertwoturbo3877d ago

It is pretty creepy looking how it tries to balance itself out. It's so real looking.

Wise Rant Monkey3877d ago

<That thing is incredibly agile! I wonder if it could goto the beer store and bring back a 24?)

PMantix3877d ago

Bigdog beta.. that was hilarious after watching the real deal.

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Alcohog3877d ago

LOL that was hilarious...I was like "wait a minute..." lol

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The story is too old to be commented.