10 Reasons You Must Play Alone in the Dark

Eden Games has been slaving away on its ambitious Alone In The Dark game for the past four and a half years, taking the classic survival horror series and updating it so it feels modern, fresh, new and exciting.

Have they succeeded? Here are ten things you can look forward to from Alone In The Dark.

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Pornlord3780d ago

Uwe boll... don't even get me started. :) Looks good, hoping it will make me feel the way the first one did.

Boldy3780d ago

June 24th can't come fast enough. I'm just hoping the game doesn't have some serious defects like bad framerate drops or clunky controls. I guess we'll find out when the reviews come out.

MK_Red3780d ago

Awesome find and awesome reasons (Aside from easy achievements, bring the hard ones!).
Hopefully the game sells enough and stupid Atari realises that singleplayer gaming is not dead.