Star Ocean 4 to stay exclusive to 360? Highly doubtful

The announcement that Star Ocean may be exclusive to the 360 has started a firestorm. But is there really a chance that Star Ocean will stay exclusive to Microsoft's system?

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Drekken3807d ago

ahh a week of N4G:

A) XXX is being XXX

This crap needs to end. Rumor one day, confirmed the next only to be debunked a week later. I wish this site would minumize speculation and stick to facts.

Fact: SE is releasing SO4 on 360 first. THATS IT. NOTHING more to report. Everyone needs to move on until SE announces otherwise.
Let the 360 have a bit of glory for a bit... john Doe bloggers all over will share their opinion, but IT ISNT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genesis53807d ago

In a nut shell. Not a chance!

tplarkin73807d ago

Its a jealous rant, not news.

MADGameR3807d ago

Besides the last game sucked lol.....and even if this one is good, its still no challenge to Final Fantasy XIII

theKiller3807d ago

they will miss out more than double sales!!
ps3 version will sell more than 360 version thats for sure!!

cmrbe3807d ago

I seriously don't understand why people don't just take facts as is and move on. Seeing PS fans b*tch about this game and Square in general is really pathetic. I mean. It's like PS fans don't want Square to throw a bone to x360 fans at all. Sh*t. The mother of all JRPG is still PS exclusive and not just one but two and yet PS fans are still b*tching about a game most don't even think off when they think about JRPG.

Fallen_Angel3807d ago

Some fanboys blog means nothing its not news. As for Star Ocean 4 selling more if it was on the ps3 ..........umm would this be the same way that GTA4 on the ps3 out sold 360 version 3-1 ?

Koroshiya_Keefu3807d ago

I've got it on good authority from a SCEA employee friend, that it's a definite PS3 release. It's even been seen up and running on the PS3. Plain and simple.

Fallen_Angel3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

anyone can make a blog rantting about anythign I could make one about how MGS4 still be ported the to 360 and it still wouldnt be news. Even if it cam striagh from my brother , uncle's ,room mates dog who work as a lever designer on the game

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3807d ago

its in japanese you need to translate it but it says that SO4 wont ever go to the ps3.

Wildarmsjecht3807d ago

Eternal Sonata was exclusive, Bioshock as well, most likely Tales of Ves~. Considering these are japanese based companies that do want to push westward, they tend to cater to their homeland first. Logically, the 360 isn't a viable choice, but if it makes it seem as if they like the West alot with their games, they'll accpe the cash for timed exclusive and say it wont come out on the PS3 only to come out 6 months later. Ace Combat? [which I would love more screens of]

Cartesian3D3807d ago

Capcom: DMC4 is PS3 exclusive!
Bioware: Bioshock wont be on PS3 EVAR!
EPIC: Gears of war ONLY ON 360!
eternal sonata is 360 exclusive !
do u want more? its about money.. Star ocean will be timed exclusive and sell like other JRPG (LO, ES.. )on 360 and then it will be on PS3 in the right time not same time as BIG ps3 exclusives..

BLaZiN PRopHeT3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

so you rather speculate then hear something from someone in charge?

you make it seem like RPGs that arent the big 3 sell well. jrpgs in general sell average at best.

also bioware didnt make Bioshock.

killedinaction93807d ago

we aren't planning on releasing it for the PS3.

At the moment there is no release date for the PS3 version but, we will be listening to our customers opinions and needs for future software development.

whoknew3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

You also forgot the part where it says "but while we try to listen to our customers opinions and needs, sometimes we just can't please everyone, so do understand." ie. we know you're upset but please get over it Sony fanboys.

CrazzyMan3807d ago

Answer is 0.

Which JRPG games stayed exclusive on x360 after 2,5 years? ONLY published by M$.

Star Ocean 4 is published by SQUARE.

Fallen_Angel3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@Cartesian3D wow you are stupid. GoW is still a 360 exclusive. ES was only ported in japan its still exclusive to the 360 outside japan. Oh and bioware didnt make bioshock either. LO is 1st party MS game and will never be on the ps3 ...... Same with BD and Cry On btw

m91058263807d ago

Wrong my friend... GEARS is on the PC too, as is every other 360 game I ever wanted to play.

Fallen_Angel3807d ago

pc isnt a console either dumbass and its still owned by ms so your stupid fanboy ass is still giving them money.

m91058263805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Alright dumbass...

He said "ONLY ON 360" not "Console exclusive"... learn to read

Also, MS hasn't gotten a damn penny of my money for their "Games for Windows" crap. I'll never pay for a MS subsidised game again.

Nor will I pay for Windows.

And the PC isn't "owned by MS". Ever heard of Linux?

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Maverick_3807d ago

DUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This game won't even break a million on the 360. No, It won't.

It's coming to the PS3.

Shaka2K63807d ago

The fact is SO4 should be PS3 exclusive, it will probably be on the xbug 180 with [email protected] graphics and in 10 different dvds.

theKiller3807d ago

only if square enix looking for making huge losses this fiscal year!!
japan will not buy this game, it wont sell more than 100-200 thousand in japan! and the rest of the world it will sell around 500 thousand!!
so all in total 600-700 thousand!! well good luck square enix and hope for ur own sake that MS payed u very very well!!

Snukadaman3807d ago

lets see mmgs4 numbers and find out huh....I highly doubt it..niche as jrpgs are...they might not even break 500K if its multiplatform.

crazy250003807d ago

I'm a huge RPG fan and they need to start releasing more.

fork_wii60fanboy3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

if the ps3 cost $4.20 that wud increase my chance of buying it by the 3rd% this is just my personal thinking

in my pocket right now i have some money that i took from my local wishing well. Will save up till the day it cost $4.20 or wont buy 11111111

SO4 wont come PS3

Drekken3807d ago

Well, you are missing out on a great machine. Great games, cool features, HD Movie player... I enjoy my purchase and dont regret it one bit.

MSG4 FTW!!!!

Wise Rant Monkey3807d ago

<What does that have to do with SO4?)
<Go play with your wii)

Kami3807d ago

you are back!?
werent you banmned or somethiing for being a dumbass

SmokingMonkey3807d ago

he needs to save up for
LIVE subscripstions-$infinte amount
Batteries or Battery Pack-$19.99 at least
Wireless Network Adaptor-$99.99
360 cooling fan-$19.99 MUST HAVE ;)
Great games-$59.99 (9gb DVD =$59.99 50gb BLUray=$59.99)
120gb HD-$169.99 (less than 20gbHD fills up quick)
WiiFit -$89.99 (that should be fun)
Batteries or Battery pack-$19.99
2gb SD memorycard -$19.99 (Wii has 1/2gb hd)
Great Games -$49.99
Multiple controllers -$60 ($39.99 wiimote+ $19.99 nun-chuck)
(plus a second wheel, racket, etc. its made for multiple people to play in the same living room = everyone needs a wheel)+more batteries!
nice try and a nice 4:20 to you too

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