New Details Emerge on EA Access' Game Selection and Trials


According to the EA support website, EA Access game trials - which allow subscribers to play new EA games five days before release - are not equivalent to game demos. "Unlike demos, which are stand-alone chunks of the game meant to give you a taste but don’t provide the full experience," the page reads, "when you play a trial through EA Access, you're playing the real game for a limited time, five days before the release date."

AngelicIceDiamond3401d ago


You play the full game 5 days before anyone else.

That's some exclusive access.

Godmars2903401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

No. You have a set amount of time within five days to play certain modes, or the full game. Whatever EA deems to allow.

You give them money, they dictate and control terms of use.

christocolus3401d ago


Same here. I can't believe this is EA. Its a great programme. They've promised to keep adding content( triple A titles) and nothing will ever be removed from the vault. I hope it becomes sucessful. Great value.

AngelicIceDiamond3401d ago

@Mars right. Depending on what game it is EA will have control over which modes you play.

Either way its still a pretty decent deal.

@Chris Any AAA they decide to relese stays in the vault which is excellent.

I'll wait on the service for it to grow and mature and continue to keep my eye on EA then I might give it a go.

But of course that's just me though.

Palitera3401d ago

"when you play a trial through EA Access, you're playing the real game for a limited time, five days before the release date"

FFS. They pretty much confirmed that they are simply pushing the public release dates to one week later and charging consumers to play the game in the otherwise actual and only release date.

If you disagree, please answer how do you think they'd be able to let someone play the FULL GAME one week "earlier".

gootimes3401d ago

It looks cool.

I hope Sony allows EA access on PS4, or changes the price and payment model on NOW.

Because honestly I like the idea of PS Now more, the variety of publishers and games etc... But the pricing options are horrendous, which is where EA Access is much better right now.

Grown Folks Talk3401d ago

@Palitera, disc based games go gold well before release. That street dated copy of Madden is sitting in the locked closet at GameStop days before you're allowed to buy it. Only difference here is it's digital, & they upload it early instead of release day.

Volkama3401d ago

And good to know the vault is going to expand, rather than cycle out games. I'm in.

its_JEFF3401d ago

@AngeliclceDiamond Wait, you're telling me that EA said any AAA title they release gets put in the Vault for your playing for $30 a year? So if EA ships 6 AAA titles next year they're all gonna be in the Vault for you at $30 a year?

Cause I didn't see that anywhere, from my understanding they're only putting older titles in the vault and it's only a certain amount at a time... or did I miss something?

mcstorm3401d ago

this sounds like a good deal. I may look at this in 12 months time but it depends on what games get put on the service and how long after release but a step in the right direction imo. not for everyone but better to have the option than not.

Godmars2903401d ago

You're also talking about paying $30 a year to play selected parts of one new game for, say 2-3 hours, five days before its full release.

Yes, you're given access to a few older games and discounts towards DLC and microtransactions, but the thing is that again all real control is up to EA. With microtransactions if not DLC being recurring costs.

Dread3401d ago


dude dont be so Daff, you know very well that the early access is not the only thing u get for $30.00. You also get access to a library of older EA games.

Sayai jin3401d ago

@Godmars- It sounds like you are making assumptions. Where did you see anywhere about only being able to play a game for 2 to 3 hours for the 5 day early access? Also, a person with EA Access receives 10% off not only DLC and micro-transaction, but off of full digital game downloads.

darx3401d ago


"You're also talking about paying $30 a year to play selected parts of one new game for, say 2-3 hours, five days before its full release."

No your not you are paying to play EA games via a digital download the rest is just icing on the cake.

Gozer3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I went ahead and bought a 1 year sub last night. $2.50 a month is a steal for what this service is going to become. Also found out that the price of my sub will never change, as long as I renew each year. So if they raise the price in the future, my price will stay the same.

This service is a great idea for everyone involved. MS has it exclusively, that will bring them X1 sales. Gamers get a 10% discount on digital games, and dlc. As well as early access to new EA titles. And access to EA games that retailers have stopped ordering. EA will benefit because its a way to make money on games that retailers have lost interest in ordering. Its genius, and a helluva value for gamers.

If you bought 5 new EA titles with the 10% discount within a year, it would pay for a 1 year membership. That's not even taking into account getting dlc with the discount. Or the games that are offered in the Vault.

Its clear that sony didn't want this service on PSN, because it would compete with PS Now. They want their install base all to themselves. Truth is, Sony nor MS can offer a better value. Simply because they have to buy from a host of publishers to get their free content for PS+, and Games with Gold. EA is a publisher that puts out a lot of content each year. It costs them nothing to put the games that are no longer being ordered by retail into the Vault. On the contrary, it lets them make money on games that would have otherwise been dead and gone.


Regardless of the amount of time given on a game during the Early Access period. I promise you gamers everywhere will be flocking to Twitch, and Youtube to see a game they are interested in before its release. The obvious is that some games aren't going to get as much time, because EA doesn't want you to beat the game before its even released. They have stated that the allotted time will vary from game to game. Its certainly not the second coming, but it is a nice little bonus on a service that is already a tremendous value for gamers.

4Sh0w3401d ago

"They pretty much confirmed that they are simply pushing the public release dates to one week later"

As Grown Folks stated, games go "gold" awhile before their actual release date but lets say you are right, doesn't every pub control when the want to release a game? Consumers who have to wait 1 more week still get the full game for their $60 as always.

"You're also talking about paying $30 a year to play selected parts of one new game for, say 2-3 hours, five days before its full release."

-I'm not sure what the exact time limit will be but I wouldn't expect they just give you 5 full days to beat the game. Whatever time limit its still pretty sweet to get to play a new AAA game 5 days early to give you and idea how the gameplay feels/do you like it. Plus you're completely ignoring the other valuable incentives you get for $30.

ABizzel13401d ago

I have to say I'm not to keen on this as it stands, and the value of this service for me is definitely wagering on the Vault, which reading between the lines means they're only going to add good games when they need to sucker you in.

Early access sound great, but then it becomes am I really paying $30 a year to play sports games, and the occasional EA game 5 days early. Game wise they have franchises like EA Annual Sports -_-, TitanFall, Battlefield, Army of Two, Pop Cap games, Crysis, Dead Space, Need for Speed, The Sims, Bejeweled, Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, SSX, Syndicate, Black and White, Mirror's Edge, and more. So they have a lot of IP's, but personally I look at this list and there are only a few must haves for me, that release maybe every two years. This service seems more for the EA sports fan, and those who want to pay $5 for the month a game the like comes out.

The main problem I have with this service is that it can quickly become a me too service, and if Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, Sqaure, Konami, and other big publishers (even Nintendo / Sony / and MS) it could be nightmarish / or highly beneficial (more than likely nightmarish).

If anything the Vault should have their entire PS360Wii line-up included if possible once it goes gold.

I'm watching carefully, and I'm sure the entire industry is as well.

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3-4-53401d ago

If nobody subscribes, they can't make money on it, and it will stop existing as a service.

Do people really NOT comprehend this ?

I think this "service" only really serves EA.

Godmars2903401d ago

Except just as some are defending it here, not seeing what the problem with it is, too many general consumers will buy into it as well.

Dread3401d ago

You guys do realize that u are simply speculating.

Of course, u speciulate that it wont work becasue you hate MS. Specially Godmars290 who has a very evident anti-MS agenda.

Sayai jin3401d ago

@Godmars - I don't see why you think people are defending it. These people just have a different opinion than you. At least they were given an option to opt in to the program for themselves.

Gozer3401d ago

"If nobody subscribes, they can't make money on it, and it will stop existing as a service.

Do people really NOT comprehend this ?

I think this "service" only really serves EA."

Lets get real here. This service is a benefit for all parties involved.

MS will benefit from having it exclusively. When MS, and EA marketing start getting the word out about the amazing value of this service, there will be people that buy the X1 for it. You would be flabbergasted at the amount of money some people spend on buying MUT card packs, and Fifa Ultimate Team card packs. There are Fifa Twitch channels that are nothing but watching people open card packs, its crazy. These people will buy an X1 just for the discount, and early access.

EA will benefit because this service doesn't cost them anything, and will mostly be profit. When retailers stop ordering copies of an EA game, it wont be long before that title will be added to the Vault. Why? Because that's the point where the game stops making them money. By adding a game to the Vault, a once dead title will have a new pool of consumers, that might subscribe to the service, or buy DLC, thus maximizing a titles profit.

The real winners of this service are gamers. For a dirt cheap sub price, gamers will get to play all EA games at some point. If your like me, I only buy Madden every few years, but now Ill play it every year for a dirt cheap price. Then there are the other EA Sports titles that for the price, Ill certainly give them a try. Boxing, golf, hockey, basketball, football, soccer, racing, mma, am I missing any? You have EA published arcade titles to add to the list. Then there are popular titles like Battlefield, Dragons Age, Mass Effect, Mirrors Edge, Star Wars Battlefront, etc Add the Early Access and you wont need to read another review for an EA title, because you will have already played the game, and made your purchase decision. And if, and when you decide to buy a title new, you get a 10% discount on the game, and its dlc.

The only party that's going to hurt a little from this service, is the used game part of retail. X1 owners that are EA Access members wont have much reason to purchase used EA games.

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FanboyKilla3400d ago

lol i have it. its a good deal. traded in my bf4 and never bought fifa or madden so good deal for me. bf4 im back baby. its extra, its optional, its a good deal, whats your problem? lol i know what it is. green is ugly on you.

hey anyone on xbox one who wants to try ea access right now pm me, ill hook you up.

Bonkerz3401d ago

Great program, great value. Those 5 day trials are going to be awesome, playing a game early can save you 65$ if you dont find it worth the money. Also whatever you do in the trials gets transferred to the actual game. 10% off all purchases, and the vault is definitely awesome. All around great program by EA, nice job.

SniperControl3401d ago

10% off purchases on already price inflated games!
Origin(also owned by ea) add around £15-20 to the price, i bought Titanfall PC(hardcopy) for £35 from amazon, origin were charging £55, Sims 4 LE is £38 on Amazon, origin is £50, FIFA 15 is £35, origin is £50.
Even with the 10% discount, you still save money on buying the hardcopy versions.
I wish people would stop saying the 10% is a bonus for subscribing to EAA, you are getting ripped of people.

Bigpappy3401d ago

Those 5 day trials are long Demo's of the actual full game, for 5 day. so you know what you are buying or skipping. What it does for me, is make game reviews (opinions) even more irrelevant.

Barnaby-Jones3401d ago

The more I hear about EA Access, the better it sounds. Definitely gonna subscribe.

Volkama3401d ago

Almost too good. Makes me think twice about buying their games new.

Subscription plans like this are a great way forward, but I must admit I'm surprised to see EA go in with such a good value starting point.

caseh3401d ago

"Moore also reiterated that EA has no plans to remove games from The Vault. "I think one of the key things is that once a game goes into the Vault it stays there, it's not going to be taken out, that's a commitment we've made."

To be honest, that nails it for me. It's an absolute bargain for £20 a year. As a PS4 owner I have to say that Sony's decision to snub it because it isn't "good value to a PlayStation gamer" is clearly to protect their own agenda. I don't want a ton of subscriptions and given the choice of this or PS Now, PS Now would be brushed aside.