Free 100 dollar gift card while buying a PS3

People who are buying a PS3 at Wal-Mart get a free 100 dollar gift card. It also applies on the MGS 4 bundle which release is tomorrow. The action is for all Blu-Ray players, including the PS3. The offer is available online and in the stores.

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fork_is_the_back3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

hmmmm, i dunno know

am a nintendo fan. but really inside i think wii sucks. I think nintendo are messign with us.

Loads of thing will increase my chance of buying PS3 it

PS3 is $10 +10%
FF is turn based +5%
FF6 is remade for PS3 +99%

all together thats 10+5+99= 120% or 110% or something like that

BulletToothtony3783d ago

and i've had one since launch..

The main bad thing that 360 owners find is that they rather play multiplayer in their 360 because all their friends are there... well the 360 came out earlier and they made friends on the 360 first, so it's obvious that they rather play the 360... but if you i got a 360 i would still use my ps3 more cause all my friends are on the ps3,

so it's all a matter of opinion, but the truth is that there is lot of good games for both consoles, the ps3 has great games, and the ps3 future seems better, but we'll have to wait till E3 and see who steals the show this year..

Pornlord3783d ago

This is a duplicate anyway.

BulletToothtony3783d ago

it's pretty much making the ps3 at $299 with MGS4 included.. just spend the other $100 in groceries or something you were gonna buy anyways... or you can even try to sell the gift card to someone.. or something..

i'm looking forward to the npd number this week....

Which reminds me, how many ps3's do you guys think are gonna be sold this month (june)??? worldwide of course.... do you guys think that is gonna sell more than on Christmas??

My guess is that is gonna sell

700,000 in the month of june followed by another strong month in july..

700 thousand what are your guesses???

Organic_Chemistry3783d ago

Does this apply only to the States? If so, I dont care