USA Hardware and Software weekly ending August 2nd

PS4 keeps top spot on hardware while the last of us tops the software charts.

PS4 66,703
XOne 33,190
3DS 26,082
WiiU 22,519
X360 13,814
PS3 6,448
Wii 2,915
PSV 2,417
PSP 411

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aceitman3638d ago

wow ps4 double the X1 in its home turf , the last of us sold some systems , world wide is at 181,000 ps4's tripling x1's sales PS4 is on fire from here on out.

xer03638d ago

Those are impressive numbers.

Hellsvacancy3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

You don't take these VG articles seriously do you?

I must be in the minority that doesn't, comments bring me here

Lightning Mr Bubbles3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Good sales for PS4, and wow! The Last of Us, I know it's a great game and it was pretty hyped up but I still wasn't sure if a Remastered game could top the charts.

Ezz20133638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


i'm with you
I will never take these Lolchartz articles seriously

BiggerBoss3638d ago

I guess the Last of Us helped move some Ps4s, impressive numbers indeed

MysticStrummer3638d ago

@Hells - You don't have to take vgchartz seriously to look at their numbers and get a rough idea of what's going on, especially when you know they usually underestimate PS numbers and overestimate XB numbers. PS4 is dominating.

BlackWolf123638d ago


History shows that VG numbers are always off, but only by 10% or so.

badz1493638d ago


10%? Try 100% like they did in April!

amiga-man3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Vgchartz are known for their bias and innacuracy, they consistently under track the PS4 while over tracking xone numbers, making the numbers this week for the PS4 even more impressive.

The real numbers will be even worse for xone.

Still like to see Vgchartz banned from this place though

Impressive made up numbers.

Yes impressive made up numbers that are designed to favour the xone but still show the PS4 outselling the xone 2:1 in America

BDSE3638d ago

Impressive made up numbers.

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aceitman3638d ago

while I see them as they are I know how to make my judgement on the numbers ps3,4 and wii ,wiiu 3ds are undertracked I know 360 and X1 are over tracked , so I bump up those under tracked by 10% and deduct those over tracked by 10% which will give my numbers a 20% bump or dump . but I will speak about what we see here , but taking it as a rumor with some salt with a 20% bump and dump numbers. now I know the xbox fanboys will say its not true but I cant hide something that npd numbers show to be true to the real numbers than vg chartz. they have been making adjustments after the npd came out . the truth is the truth and can hurt sometimes especially when vg chartz show ur system on top then gets adjusted to lower numbers after npd comes out with the facts.

mediate-this3638d ago

Sony has always been america, ps1 n ps2 sold there before xb. Dont get it twisted.

TheFallenAngel3638d ago

I've been saying this for years. It was playstation territory before the 360 for 2 gens straight.

MRMagoo1233638d ago

It's still an American company which makes the US home turf or is that not obvious enough.

rainslacker3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

A vast majority of American's don't care one iota where something is made, or where the company that produces it is based.

On a side note, a vast majority of Americans also don't really care for MS regardless.

showtimefolks3638d ago

since its VG i don't take these numbers too serious, but look at the fact they are always under valuing playstation numbers, i will take these. Usually VG are on the low end

TLOU will sell 2-3 million easily, and will also help move some consoles. Than come early september that destiny bundle will do gangbusters

the momentum continues and will keep going for a long time, q1-q2 2015 has some huge games(exclusives wise, the order 1886 and bloodborne)

Magicite3638d ago

Quite impressive, its hard to not want PS4 at this point and more so at fall.

imt5583637d ago

NPD results probably next week.

kenshiro1003637d ago

I don't need VG Chartz to know the PS4 bodied the XB1 again.

Seriously, this is ridiculous. Not even a pricecut and a supposedly 'exclusive' game is stopping the PS4.

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fonger083638d ago

My dream is that one day we all can ignore Vchartz weekly updates, and learn the patience to see what the "real" NPD monthly numbers are.

Eonjay3638d ago

To that end, it is my hope that NPD would release actual numbers instead of waiting for leaks; wrapped in the form of a puzzle on a thread on NeoGaf.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3638d ago

even NPD doesn't give accurate numbers. I will wait til a company like Media Create exists here.

Kayant3638d ago

In what way is NPD's data not accurate? And what makes media create better? Just curious.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

So 70k is accurate enough more than reporting 75,687

as for software a list of 10 games with no numbers and platforms it available on is accurate?

jackanderson19853638d ago


NPD use a similar (but considerably better) method to VGChartz in that they take a sample and apply whatever their chosen method is to estimate the whole sales information... it's close to accurate as they can get but the only people who actually know the numbers is MS/Sony/Nintendo and even then that's not up to date information as retailers might have unseen delays in informing them of actual sales information

Kayant3637d ago

@OtakuDJK1NG and jackanderson1985

" it's close to accurate as they can get but the only people who actually know the numbers is MS/Sony/Nintendo" - Yes but it's accurate enough for all these three companies to use their data in their reports like MS did when they are happy with their numbers as shown below. Also with how off Vgchartz numbers have been from NPD I highly doubt they use similar methods. Vgchartz is just mostly if not all guess work. This is how NPD gets their data - http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

"as for software a list of 10 games with no numbers and platforms it available on is accurate?" - One thing wrong there it shows the platforms and what one sold the most based on the ordering of the platforms listed. They don't give software numbers like they don't give hardware numbers for a reason I don't know of. What I know is that they used to but stopped so time ago now we just wait for leaks or a company to give it like MS have done sometimes as seen below.

"So 70k is accurate enough more than reporting 75,687 " - In terms of accuracy of numbers to the absolute units you are right it's not as accurate as media create whether it goes to that type of accuracy to people with access to all the data is unknown but I think their data is accurate often to the right degree.

Like this is enough IMO is more than fine - 311,000 units http://news.xbox.com/2014/0...
as the hundred units matter more when it's only in that number table as 311,999 units will still be 311k units and 312,001 units will be 312k.

rainslacker3637d ago


They don't give actual numbers unless the company involved agrees to have them do so. They started that a couple years ago I believe. Not sure why they decided to go that route though.

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user3672723638d ago

Vgchartz...fake numbers as always. Don't know why we haven't banned that site yet.