Too Edgy For Wii, Carmen Electra May Pole Dance On Xbox 360

Peekaboo Pole Dancing wants gamers to enjoy their upcoming pole dancing video game.

But they're not exactly sure which gamers just yet.

The company behind the best-selling Carmen Electra pole dancing kit, the "Electra Pole," announced in April that they were seeking partners to create a pole dancing game for the Wii.

However, yesterday Simon Kay, a rep for Peekaboo and licensing agency AT New Media, he revealed that the company wasn't quite sure which platform to go with yet.

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Odiah3779d ago

For ze pole peripheral!

v1c1ous3779d ago


no system deserves this type of garbage games with such a dumb concept.

this is the same thing along the lines of the guy game or XXX BMX

Syko3779d ago

LOL, I know a guy that worked on Dave Mirra BMX and BMX XXX. Even he was embarrassed by BMX XXX. lol.

Blackmoses3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I'd buy that for....a $1!!!!!!


ItsDubC3779d ago

Wouldn't just a video of Carmen Electra pole-dancing sell equally well? Why does it have to be a videogame?

Syko3779d ago

The game..? Or the overweight girls who attempt to strip on this "Pole" attachment. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.