Top 5 Most Annoying Enemies

This time around Console Monster are going to countdown the Top 5 most annoying enemies. You know the ones! You've been playing the same part of the game for hours on end and you get to the same point and you've lost once again. Annoying isn't it? Well, Console Monster are going to look at the fiendish little buggers in more detail so you can avoid them if needs be.

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akaFullMetal3780d ago

resistances little bug chimera were annoying as hell, and so were those damn fairies from hell in god of war.

LevDog3780d ago

Yes.. Those were the best, I hope they up the count and intensity of those things in R2..

Panthers3780d ago

Well that part in the Church was hard with that many things coming at you. Took me a while to figure out that I needed to back up into the entrance.

BTW, I only play games on the hardest difficulty so it may have been easier for others.

Skerj3780d ago

I hated that Church for the 15 mins it finally took me to get through there, then you kill all those and effin Steelheads come through with Augurs and start shooting through everything.

KillahCam3780d ago

Hmmmmmmmm is this XBOX's version of Top 5 Most Annoying Enemies?

Cerberus_Hunter3780d ago

Article clearly says PS3, Xbox360, gaming and PC.

JD_Shadow3780d ago

...go read the article again, it doesn't.

The 5 enemies it lists:

5 - Barnacle (Half Life series): Mostly 360 only since Valve won't get off its lazy asses and learn some PS3 code. That would be too much exercise than Gabe Newell is used to (I never get tired of making Gabe Newell fat jokes, especially when he deserves it).

4 - Geth Hoppers (Mass Effect): a 360/PC only game
3 - Professor Pester (Viva Pinata): 360 only
2 - The Flood (Halo series): MS owned franchise
1 - Lambent Wretches (Gears of War): 360 exclusive franchise.

So, umm...which one of these was successfully released on another console besides a MS based platform, because I fail to see it.

Organic_Chemistry3780d ago

The most annoying enemy ever is the claw-hand from the legend of zelda series, youd be halfway through a level then it would come and sweep you up an take you away back to the beginning

PoSTedUP3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

the little black beetle bugs from turok 64!

the dogs from resident evil! or even the lickers! no! the CROWS!

the jumper things from the house of the dead2 for dreamcast.

the dog in COD4, i can rarely counter that thing (on the hardest level) it gets me every time it jumps on me.

the red flying thing in mario64 that always steals your hat in the desert level!

juuken3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Those damn cats from Ninja Gaiden! They infuriate me so much! >_<
Oh, there's others on my mind too but those cats in Ninja Gaiden are far by the cheapest bullshitting enemies I have ever fought in any game.

Izuna Drop ftw.

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The story is too old to be commented.