Prey the Stars entering our planet soon?

Siliconera reports: Last year, Koei showed a Nintendo DS game with cute intergalactic dogs gobbling everything in sight. The game is known as Gabu Gabu Planet in Japan and probably Prey the Stars everywhere else. I'm sticking with "probably" because Koei has yet to announce the game with that name or for that matter at all. However, Koei trademarked Prey the Stars, the ESRB used it, and so have a few retailers. Koei still hasn't announced it, but out of nowhere the OFLC rated it.

Koei Canada's handheld project is at the very least playable in some form. I played it at Tokyo Game Show last year, but Koei has yet to change the release date even in Japan where it has a floating 2008 release window.

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