Next-gen visuals coming to the Wii in The Conduit

TalkingAboutGames writes: "After debuting their highly impressive, real-time gameplay trailer last month, High Voltage Software have officially announced their new FPS, The Conduit, the tirle that will usher in true next-generation technology on the Wii. Built on the studio's custom Quantum 3 Game Engine, The Conduit will be able to reproduce all kinds of neat little tech tricks on Nintendo's weak white box, including dynamic environment mapping, interactive water with real-time reflection, and four-stage texture composition including gloss, diffuse, and bump mapping. Yeah, that's a mouthful.
As well, High Voltage says that they've created an extremely advanced A.I. system, which is necessary if their "terrifying alien creatures" are to pose any threat to you whilst you flail your arms around, wildly, using the game's uniquely tailored control scheme. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software, said:"

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Drekken3780d ago

Next gen graphics consists of more then 2FPS!

BrotherNick3780d ago

I see what you did there.

ItsDubC3780d ago

"Next gen consists of more than just FPSs"

Drekken3780d ago

ahh I remember the days of counterstrike when FPS still meant frames per second. Sorry for the confusion!!

ItsDubC3780d ago

FPS does still mean frames per second. It all depends on context.

Kholinar3780d ago

"Next gen consists of more than just FPSs"

Thank God.

ItsDubC3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Agreed, Kholinar. And yet ppl apparently equate "next gen" exclusively to FPSs judging from the disagrees lol

Kholinar3780d ago

Ha. Well, I've given up on making sense of disagrees.

It's like when my sister was little and the parents would ask her if she did something. She'd say "yes" but really she meant, "Yes, I didn't". There are thousands of posts here that are impossible to disagree with without adding some mental correction like "My PS3 crashed" Disagree! (Cause mine didn't)...

I'm sure that's what such people are thinking, but it comes off as written Tourette's.

Trek52003780d ago

On N4G does FPS not stand for
Flames Per Second????????
Someone please clarify.....I am sooooo confused...which way to the open zone??

mikeslemonade3780d ago

It won't matter because the best the Wii can do is 480p widescreen. To this day if you played Bioshock, Uncharted, or Gears on a SDTV it looks like a Xbox 1 game. So unless the Wii gets an update to get to 720p I don't care about this game. Give me more balance board games which are actually fun.

Grown Folks Talk3779d ago

Frames Per Second, First Person Shooters, F'n Pieces of Sh*t, or Fanboys Practicing Stupidity, all the above apply.

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phantomexe3780d ago

I can't wait to see this in action.I got friends that have both ps3 and xboxs that can't wait for this game.Its great to see fans of the other 2 consuls suporting and geting excited about this game as well.Wii needs this to help bump the cooking mama crap.

INehalemEXI3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

N64 had goldeneye 007, The Conduit=Wii's goldeneye the way I see it.

It looks better then I would expect a wii game to look and its an early build right... Its got potential.

Wii's large and rapidly expanding install base, coupled with the library being flooded with shovelware will ensure this game sells well as long as it sees good marketing.

iamtehpwn3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

My mistake. dumb google image =P

CNIVEK3780d ago

That's a screenshot from BLACK, you dolt. :o

BrotherNick3780d ago

Umm, all games on wii are at most 480p, so the screens are. I know this and I don't mind.

Firestorm3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

.....of Hollywood & Broadway, lol

The game looks terrible.

For those who have not seen it......

low quality video, but you'll get the idea

BWS19823780d ago

You might as well show someone a third of a Picasso painting, and say "well you see a fraction of the painting, but you get the idea."

Uh, no. When demonstrating something, you don't inhibit the very element you are demonstrating and consider it an accurate portrayal.

Why is everyone anti-Wii? Sometimes it's so bigotted around this web site, it's sickening. Of course I must me missing some connection that Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Medal of Honor Heroes are all identical. People need to quite being discriminatory against everything but your favorite, society has evolved past that, so should you.

Rute3779d ago

If the game had art direction on par with RE4 (the best looking Wii/GC game), it would look pretty much like 360's launch titles, because the engine is better than in any GC or Wii game and near that of the 360's launch titles. Some of the tectures and colors in Conduit are horrible, like in this pic:
Some of the art design is better though:

When you compare those two images from Conduit to gameplay pics of Resident Evil 4, you'll realise why art design matters the most:

Bob Dole3779d ago

I'm anti-Wii because I don't have one! :(

Silogon3780d ago

It's going to tank just like the Ubi game where you wave your remote around like a sword but only at prescription intervals.

ItsDubC3780d ago

You mean the one that has sold over a million copies?