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Eurogamer: "Remember Psi-Ops, the mind-bending action adventure effort from Midway? It featured lots of shooting and a fair bit of switch-pulling, plus you got to play with telekinetic powers like some kind of murderous Uri Geller."

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InMyOpinion3878d ago

It's a great and underrated title, I played the Xbox version.

kylegtheassman3878d ago

I'll play the ps3 version because its a supercomputer

Salvadore3878d ago

Awesome, will probably give it a try tomorrow.

Mcrmarcher3878d ago

really good game played it on the ps2, would love a sequel.

MK_Red3878d ago

First Deus Ex and now Psi-Ops. It's really good to see those classics being released as free games, specially one like Psi-ops which was overlooked by many and is the only great game from Midway during the PS2 era.

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The story is too old to be commented.