50 Cent 'Really Excited' By 'Blood On The Sand'; Video Game's Music, Love-Interest Details Revealed

MTV gets details on 50's feelings about the game, the music and even some details about the in-game love-interest.

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zakupilot2563783d ago

you will like this game. Its a complete rip off of the Club

PoSTedUP3783d ago

yo the trailer was hot man. i defiantly gotta pick this 1 up.

LevDog3783d ago

HAHAHAHA well I would hope he is excited for HIS OWN GAME.. IDIOT

Lil kids and Gangsters will buy it.. other than that total flop

andron3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

It's too bad. I read that the developer are the ones behind the PS2 Cold Winter FPS. That was a great game.

It doesn't matter how good the shooting action is in this game, as long as it stars Fiddy Cent I won't play it.

Also it seems this is a real cash in game. It's set in a desert environment(?), I guess that's where rappers go to die...

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