Square Enix wants to focus on Western market

In an interview Square Enix' John Yamamoto said that the company wants to focus more on the Western market by releasing more games in Europe and US in 2007 than it ever did before in all years before. Also the company is thinking about buying Western developers.

Yamamoto says he realizes that they're missing a large market by not releasing games in Europe and US.

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specialguest4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

if they want the western market, then the best choice is to also release games on the 360, since it currently has the largest installed console base. the Nintendo DS is an obvious one since everything seems to sell very well.

Dlacy13g4353d ago

I think this is Square setting up the world for a number of their games coming to the 360. It just makes business sense. I mean with the market landscape the way it is they would be fools to not develop for the 360 right now. Sony is really struggling to get their console out. They hung onto developers with the promise of larger amounts of units (ie lies). 2 million for launch, changed to 2 million at launch window, changed to 400k at launch and realized out at about 250k at launch! That is all they could produce ....250k! Compare those numbers to over 7 million already in the market place. Square must be really disappointed in the PS3 production to date. They very well could love the machine but from a business point they have to be gripping a bit and 2nd guessing not releasing something more substantial than that crappy FF online game.

bilal4353d ago

that they should keeping making what they are good at. otherwise crap like ffvii shooter and that 360 game they are making would come out

ChaosKnight4353d ago

I guess this is fairly good news for Microsoft eh? Europe doesn't have the PS3 till Spring(?) next year, and Square knows that. Yeah, i think Square is gonna slowly turn into a more multi-platform type company, with sony, microsoft and nintendo at a bidding war for some exclusives. And yea, with a 7million + head start on the competition, I would think Square would like to get some games on that market.

Thugbot1874353d ago

Very good news for MS, looks like the box 360 may just get the beloved FF series. That would hurt the PS3 big time.