Resident Evil Remastered Will Run at 30fps on PS4, Xbox One

After being announced yesterday for digital release in early 2015 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Capcom has updated the website for Resident Evil Remastered, revealing some new details.

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MrSwankSinatra1533d ago

I don't think it matters much, the game is slow paced to begin with.

lemoncake1533d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, 30fps for this style of game doesn't seem like a problem.

redwin1532d ago

The slow fps works well in horror movies and games, specially in games. I wish they remake the first SILENT HILL in 28fps. I believe that's movie theathle speed.

nope1111533d ago

Agreed. 60FPS wouldn't make a huge difference to a game like RE.
People losing their shits over nothing.

Darkstares1533d ago

What about this?

"In widescreen mode, the screen will scroll. The parts of the screen that get cut off on the top and bottom will scroll into view automatically depending on the character’s position (you can switch the display mode during gameplay in real time)."

Looks like they took some shortcuts. Shadow of the Colossus remastered didn't do that if I recall correctly. They added to the scenes in order to adapt to 16:9.

Yama1532d ago

Right, but the backgrounds in Resident Evil are pre-rendered static images. That'd require redrawing and the original renders are no longer available for use (hence the upscaling), nor are the same artists still employed by Capcom Japan. This isn't a simple case of render what was dead space.

kingduqc1532d ago

Mac os animations are 60fps. What ut being slow paced has to do with that.60 fos is better in every way and it's totally doable.

Its like you are okay eith mediocrity.

TheButtonMasher1532d ago

60FPS doesn't make a game relevant. If we took a mediocre or possibly bad game that was built in 30FPS and made it 60 instead, would that game suddenly become good?

redwin1532d ago

Fps is for immersion purposes and the res is for looks

LazyGoron1532d ago


I used to be on the fence about the whole 30 v 60 FPS thing... but then I played a few games with an option 30 FPS lock (TLOU being the most recent)

I must say... anyone who thinks they can't tell a difference between 30/60 is a moron. TLOU looks gritty and choppy at 30 when compared to 60 FPS. Not saying 30 is unplayable but to say that 60 FPS isn't inherently better is ignorant.

The higher the FPS is ALWAYS the best option for any genre. Not a reason to buy a game but I agree that being ok with 30 when 60 is possible is settling for mediocrity.

redwin1532d ago

Wow, lazy , insult much? Total disregard for personal preference .

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funkybudda1533d ago

Of course, not everyone is as great as the ND to pull of 1080P/60FPS on consoles...

MelvinTheGreat1533d ago

So ND is the only ones to achieve 1080p/60fps on consoles?

funkybudda1533d ago

Did I say ND is the the only ones that achieved it? Ah, didnt think so.

Good-Smurf1533d ago

Like they need to make a 12 year old game,slow paced,with pre rendered background with fixed camera angle @ 60 fps like it's going to make a world of difference LOL.
The game already have that atmospheric camera angles and cinematic look adding 60 fps would make it look like some Reality TV show.
Not everything have to be in 60 fps man.
Did I mention you can just pick this game up for Wii U/Wii for well less than $20 right now?

SaturdayNightBeaver1532d ago

are you retarded? cinematic has ZERO to do with FPS.

Agent_hitman1533d ago

No offense but you Sony fanboys are too devoted to ND.. I feel your hang over..

Tito081532d ago

Just like XBox fanboys were devoted to Bungie, your point?

fonger081533d ago

Is the reason because they want it run at only 30fps or that they don't want to bother with 60fps? Seems intentional to have a game that old only run at 30fps.

ThatEnglishDude1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I'll be the first to say Capcom are lazy, but I don't think it's anything to do with the technical side of things - it's simply due to the fact that Resident Evil is a game that doesn't need to be 60 frames per second. The pre-rendered backgrounds and polygonal models were all designed to be run at 30fps. Anyone who has played this game before will know that it would have absolutely NO benefit to running at a higher framerate. If anything, it'd screw things up. It feels very smooth on GameCube. Could Capcom have made the effort to run it at 60fps? Sure. But in a perfect world, they'd also have the original assets and wouldn't have to rely upon upscaling low-res backgrounds and relying on a filter to cover up what they've done. Capcom are lazy. This is nothing new.

That being said, it's a slow and cinematic title that I feel actually benefits from such a framerate. A lot of idiots just can't wrap their head around the idea that the only thing that would be at 60fps is the ingame models, which typically peak at 3 or 4 characters on screen at once. It's just not necessary. I get that '1080p/60fps' is the new buzz word - but for crying out loud, get a clue.

People who complain at this are naive idiots who's sense of gaming has come down to a simple set of numbers. If your reason for not playing this fantastic game is due to the fact it doesn't run at 60fps, then that's your loss, you ignorant moron.

REmake is a fantastic game, and if you choose to skip it - then you only have yourself to blame. I'm glad more people will have the opportunity to play it. Unlike Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, or even The Last of Us, games that have appeared very recently, or were on a multitude of different platforms - REmake was a great game on a console that didn't exactly have the demographic it needed to sell. It's VERY late in the coming, yes, but I would urge anyone to at least give it a go.

The best thing this release has to offer is that the controls have an option to adjust movement so that your character will move whichever way you push the stick. This more or less eliminates peoples issues with tank controls. Yet, most of you are focused on the lack of 60fps. I would have thought the control options would have been something you people would have rejoiced over. Jeez.