EA Sports released the full list of New Player Scans for FIFA 15

onPause writes:

Today EA Sports has released a list of over 200 players for the English top league as well as other international leagues such as the Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS and more.

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Yi-Long2246d ago

Hopefully young talents like Depay and Miyaichi will also look realistic now...

I do wish the game would just include a player-editor that allows you to edit existing players, even if only for the offline mode.

mcroddi2246d ago

Yeah - in my FIFA 14 season I have those guys on my squad and the generic faces are quite jarring. ;)

tayz2246d ago

The game looks very real!

iNFAMOUZ12246d ago

can't wait, been waiting for a little while, first soccer game im getting I remember playing fifa growing up with my neighbor, man it was fun, can't wait

oh and since i cant reply, the other halo article that comment was meant as positive, i was raised with halo

stanr2246d ago

This should add a nice personal touch to the game.

toddybad2246d ago

So my Leicester players will still look crap then despite being in the EPL?

mcroddi2245d ago

Maybe next year? Lot's of players in the EPL to scan.