First Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 details

Some weeks ago Ubisoft announced a sequel for the Xbox 360 exclusive Ghost Recon Advacned Warfighter. Shortly after it's announcing, Ubisoft stated that GRAW 2 will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PSP. Today, the first details are revealed.

The game will have i.e. better A.I., an improved Cross-Com system and better weather and particle effects. Check out all the details via the translated link beneath. GRAW 2 will be released somewhere in Q1 2007.

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fablex4352d ago

Really man, why post some vague babelfish translation of a dutch gaming site... :S

devv054352d ago

Because it's the source I guess. Sounds nice, I'd like to see some first footage of the game. Hope the AI of your teammates will be better than GRAW though, that was horrible..

lalaland4351d ago

The source is GameInformer... Why not post that instead of an english babelfish translation of a dutch translation of the original english source?

Funky Town_TX4352d ago

Man these guys are like EA.

no_more_heroes4350d ago

...they're French. I like making fun of French people when they try to speak English with their heavy accents like most of the employees at Ubisoft. It sounds so funny (no offense to any French people on this site or anywhere else in the world. At least you guys play some nice soccer [Lyon is almost unbeatable]).

zonetrooper54352d ago

I bought GRAW and its a great game, but it was very hard and you needed to take your time to get through the campaign. I hope that in GRAW 2 mutiplayer, you can hide behind walls and other objects like in Gears of War.

PS360PCROCKS4352d ago

Graw was an awesome game, with the cross com and being able to give orders, and if you took the time to get good at it, it was a fantastic game and it had very good graphics but it wasn't without it's flaws, and the main one is the team A.I. I felt like I was baby sitting, every time you turn around you have to pick them up, and if you order your teammate to pick them up they usually get shot down and than you have to go pick both of them up, and I remember in one level their was like a mexican president or whatever and he would walk out into the battle and just get shot, it was the most frustrating thing ever...They need to fix that, they need to fix the fact cover is not able to be used in Multiplayer. Also need to fix the way saves work, because right now I'm in the last battle of the whole game, but my life is in the red and the way the game saved it was in the red and I can't go back so I am being forced to try and beat the finale of the game while only being able to take a shot or two, definetly frustrating

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