New GTTV Resistance 2 Video Premiere Details

PSXExtreme already announced that a 7-minute gameplay video for Resistance 2 will debut this Friday, June 13, but they now have the finalized details for all you FPS lovers out there just dying for a closer look at Insomniac's hotly anticipated sequel.

According a press release today, it has been officially announced that Spike TV's GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley (GTTV) will reveal to all the world the aforementioned video that features both single and multiplayer gameplay. It will premiere at 1:00 a.m. ET/PT in full HD, and we will see Sgt. Nathan Hale - returning to the fray once again - and his comrades in their vicious fight against the Chimera, who have now invaded the US.

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jkhan3834d ago

Awesomeness, I can't for this game to drop my jaw on the floor.

Syko3834d ago

I can't wait for Len Hart's(Nasim's) jaw to hit the floor when he sees who submitted this story. ;)

TheHater3834d ago

lol at 1.1 :)
anyway. I will have a hard time picking up my jaw from the floor after seeing it :)

Godoftheweek3833d ago

According to him the PS3 is 1/4 the power of the 360. What will he say when the world sees the awesomeness that R2 is from one of the best CURRENT (Nintendo 1st party rehashes are not included) developers out there.

Sony ALWAYS takes thier sweet time in letting the information flow. They did it with the PSone and PS2. Look at those machines 1st year to year and a half...almost NONE of the machines biggest games had released yet.

That is why I know the PS3 will have the games that push this generations boundries in originality, innovation, and immersiveness. MGS4 is just the beginning...of Sony's Tsunami of games that will not stop for years.

MGS4, R2, LBP, KZ2, GT5, GoW3, WNS, (team Ico games), FF13, and on and on with the 15 1st party studios all working together and sharing ideas and secrets.

Pardon any gramatical errors, you'll live spelling police.

Doppy3833d ago

I'm sick of hearing about this, show me the gameplay NOW.

yesah3833d ago

i hope there is a statue of liberty level, where you can like go on top of her head. That would be amazing

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crazy250003834d ago

It's the same as my name; crazy25000

n4gzz3833d ago

I was never good on resistance online. I will still love this game for single player, co-op.
Almost done with MGS2. 10hrs to MGS4 :D. pre-ordered paid in full.

poos33833d ago

res 1 and 2 are avrage so why would xbox fans want to comment on this thread we will just leave u fools to delude your selves btw so4 360 exclusive sweet aye

OmarJA3833d ago

it's still coming in 2009 xbot u think it has a chance against FFXIII
& FF Versus XIII ?

good luck with gays of war 2 5 vs 5 ?

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highdro3834d ago

cant wait for the video.

jackel 923833d ago


check out

Syko3834d ago

Ya I am hoping this is a little better than the first. I thought the first was good for a launch title but since I didn't get my PS3 till February of this year it didn't impress me too much by the time I played it. This one should be sick though.

Thank god I just got Direct TV which has SpikeHD. lol

beavis4play3833d ago

sure, graphically, doesn't hold up to current games; but incredible weapons allows lots of diff. options for tackling each battle. the story (which is continued in 2,3)is amazing.(i'm hooked and want more!) along with nice control scheme are the things that make resistance great. if insomniac adds to the graphics; it's just icing on an already veeeery delicious cake.

Syko3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

All around I was just kinda of meh on the whole thing. In fairness I didn't finish it but I didn't hate it, I just was kind of indifferent about the whole thing.

But I do have a VERY large preference for the 360 controller on FPS's so I am sure that is more of a strike against it than the game was by itself. I'm sure people that prefer the Dualshock can agree there, It just never feels quite right when it's not your favorite controller.

All that said I am pumped on this game, don't get that wrong.

Wolfmoonstrike3833d ago

were created with ps2 Tool sets and wasn't built ground up for the ps3, like R&C was. Sorry but ever since I unlocked that one cheat on R&C that allows those little golden box things I've been learning about there delvopment on R&C and resistance.

PS3ROCKS3833d ago

Man I have Dish network that doesent have spike HD

Syko3833d ago

Ya I had Cox Cable 2 weeks ago, They didn't have it either. Direct TV kicks major ass.

skynidas3833d ago

You can see it on

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