Madden NFL 15: Everything You Need to Know About Connected Franchise

GoodGameBro writes, "As previously reported earlier in the week, EA SPORTS is revealing the changes made to Connected Franchise in Madden NFL 15. They released a blog detailing the new additions to the game mode."

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Minute Man 7212514d ago

I remember last year E3 when they showed gameplay of Madden on next gen. My friend picked up the game and of course it looked nothing like what they showed at E3, the same shit they did when they 1st showed Madden on the 360. Do not support EA Gaming World they are a cancer

Minute Man 7212514d ago

Disagree all you want you know I'm telling the truth

Psychotica2514d ago

And you spin in your chair ten times while keeping one foot off the ground and singing the national anthem. Jeesh, just ridiculous amounts of details, do people really want to deal with all that? More power to them I guess, I miss the days when you just picked a team, played a season and tried to win a Superbowl.

Cra2yey32514d ago

THIS! Why can't they add season mode? They remove it for an annoying system mode called franchise...

TripC502514d ago

Why can't they concentrate on making the game look and play better instead of adding on this Confidence and XP stuff. Give me a football game not a friggin RPG.

Denny_Crane2513d ago

Madden is loosing what made the older games fun. They need to cut some of the modes and get back to the basics that made you want to play. I have been playing madden since the very first game. since around madden 09 -10 it has went down hill with all the extra modes and stuff nobody really likes to play.

Big-Bruizzer2513d ago

Do you really xp in a football game?