Insomniac Explains Why Sunset Overdrive Is Exclusive to Xbox One

GR: One of Xbox One's biggest releases this year comes from a studio that has traditionally been tied to Sony platforms. With Sunset Overdrive, however, gamers will only be able to play the Insomniac-developed title on Microsoft-branded hardware.

GameRevolution got a chance to talk to founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, who explained why the studio decided to work specifically with Microsoft this time around.

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nicksetzer11537d ago

Don't we all know by now? How many stories are going to repeat the same thing? MS was willing to publish the game and also was willing to let them keep the IP, simple as that.

acharlez1537d ago

There's a little more to it than that.

Xbox One's online infrastructure and cloud computing help deliver an ideal multiplayer experience.

nicksetzer11537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Those are just added benefits after the fact, at the time this deal was struck I doubt the XB1 even had legs, and the game probably didn't either. They told stories about how the game changed dramatically even as recently as last year. The reason they chose XB1 was ability to keep the IP mainly, as they have said hundreds of times themselves.

acharlez1537d ago

Just wait for the full interview.

There are several benefits that launching for XB1 may provide over PS4.

Kayant1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


"Just wait for the full interview.

There are several benefits that launching for XB1 may provide over PS4." - Not really about that as said by nicksetzer1 there main reasoning is IP ownership which means Sony is off the tables, EA partners program is closed so can't do that. And from what they said the other pubs they tried either wanted IP ownership or don't think it would succeed.

Death1537d ago

That makes no sense. Developers own the IP's, not the publishers. This isn't the first time Sony or Microsoft were the publisher for a third party dev. With all the indie friendly bs weve been hearing about with Sony, do you really think they were forcing a close development partner to give them the IP if they published their game?

Most likely Microsoft offered incentives to develop the game for their platform. It could have been a development investment or low royalty fees on a new IP. By now we have all seen the breakdown of game costs. As publisher Microsoft has quite a bit of wiggle room to make their platform attractive to a developer. It looks like Microsoft wanted the game more than Sony this time.

pinkcrocodile751537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


This is the game I have been waiting for since launch. I'm very excited about it. I loved Jetset Radio Future on the Original Xbox, so if this has some of the traversal mechanics I'll probably need to change my pants!...

OK too much information!

However in regards to the assumption that XBL's beafier infrastructure being a particular draw for Insomniac, I can't really agree with you there.

I'm not saying that XBL isn't beafy, it most certainly is, but unless SSOD is using some unusual server side processes for both single and multiplayer games, I fail to see this as a particular selling point.

If that is the case, it is fair to say that MS not insisting on IP ownership is the primary reason this deal took place in the first place.

HOWEVER... I would agree that half a conversation does not an arguement make!

I'm good to wait till Friday. In the meantime I'm gonna rock Forza when I'm not playing GOD with my global cloud environment at work.

Let my majesty rise and dominate all!!!

Volkama1537d ago

Ted Price specifically references the featureset at the point of the announcement, and I actually do believe the featureset was a big fit for their original vision for the game. IP ownership may be a big factor, but it is not the only factor.

I suspect there were few games that were forced to change more than Sunset Overdrive when MS reversed the always-online requirement for the console.

Noted you submitted the article, did you also conduct the interview? Either way, I look forward to reading it!

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InTheLab1537d ago

I lose respect for devs who dance around the money issue and there is no more than that.

Insomniac....the same people that ran 60+ players in the same map back in 2009 on the PS3, but they have a problem with the more capable PS4?

Did Sony use cloud computing and Azure servers to run 60 players in Resistance 2. Let's not even mention MAG.

It's all about the money and I'd respect Insomniac if they said, "they gave us a boatload of money for exclusive rights to the game".

Now if the game was built around Kinect, I could understand why it's exclusive outside of it being about money...

sinspirit1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

And the "online infrastructure and cloud computing" are not at all exclusive to Microsoft platforms and have been done for years. It's traditionally called "dedicated servers" when used for online gaming and Microsoft's servers, while a huge cluster of servers, individually are just average units and it's not like they are capable of anything more impressive than anything the competition can and has already done.

equal_youth1537d ago

i think that statement is just so microsoft is happy and has something for themselves. its not like the ps4 couldn't handle the online part..

XStation1537d ago

No it's not more than that, be quiet with this cloud talk... at least for now.

PrinterMan1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Uhm No. Any of the publishers could have done that. PC could...PS4 could...Nintendo could. I suspect it's the backing money, it always comes down to money.

joab7771537d ago

That's bull. If a device is gonna answer a honest. MS came to u with money and u took it. Thats fine. Just b honest. It isn't b/c of the muscle.

Pain1537d ago


"InTheLab + 1h ago
I lose respect for devs who dance around the money issue and there is no more than that.

Insomniac....the same people that ran 60+ players in the same map back in 2009 on the PS3, but they have a problem with the more capable PS4?

Did Sony use cloud computing and Azure servers to run 60 players in Resistance 2. Let's not even mention MAG.

It's all about the money and I'd respect Insomniac if they said, "they gave us a boatload of money for exclusive rights to the game".

Now if the game was built around Kinect, I could understand why it's exclusive outside of it being about money..."

Reposted for extra eyeball penetration.

CervantesPR1537d ago

stay corporate programed lol

awi59511537d ago


You don't know how crooked the Game industry is, they always try to take your ip from you. I.P ownership is one of the biggest problems in game development.

TomShoe1537d ago

i don't understand why people are getting so upset over this. Sony keeps the IP on any game they publish because they dont want another Crash/Spyro situation. Activision owns both IPs. Crash is being held hostage and Spyro isi in Skylanders purgatory. Insomniac and Sony are still working together on the R

Mr Pumblechook1537d ago

Ted Price bet on red - but the ball landed on black.

redwin1537d ago

Mmmm, so it was strictly because of one multyplayer mode. What ever.

Johnsonparts231537d ago

bahahaha fail. MONEY being thrown at developers, creates an ideal experience lol

its_JEFF1537d ago

@acharles & @incredibleMULK we get it, Xbox LIVE RULES all other online services! the PSN is a mere shadow of what LIVE is. All PSN users wish it was actually LIVE! There, you go the acknowledgement you so craved!!! Now go, give you're self a pat on the back go to a bar or restaurant and celebrate this VICTORY!

TheTowelBoy1537d ago

Oh shut up, you sound like a Microsoft commercial, Jesus Christ.

MysticStrummer1537d ago

"Xbox One's online infrastructure and cloud computing help deliver an ideal multiplayer experience."

I picture you having a green Kool-Aid IV as part of your gaming setup.

donthate1537d ago

Whatever the reason, I am glad Insomniac chose Xbox One due being a very multiplayer centric game that would give developers a lot of freedom with Xbox Live Compute and the Cloud.

We have already seen this with Titanfall, and I hope this carries over to Sunset Overdrive.

We shouldn't have to deal with P2P multiplayer anymore!

gaffyh1536d ago

More than likely, MS decided to partially or fully fund development because they thought getting Insomniac to make an exclusive game for their platform would:

1. Be a big reason to convert PS owners to Xbox.
2. Go some way in counterbalancing the fact that Destiny, developed by one of their most popular developers Bungie, was not only on PS platforms, but had significant exclusive content on those platforms.

Turns out, PS fans recognise that Sunset Overdrive will probably be a good game, but I myself am willing to skip it, because I know that this IP will come to PS4 eventually.

ShinMaster1536d ago

They could have just gone with EA again...

Ninver1536d ago

Put a cork in it mate. We're all tired of hearing about the all mighty (non proven) 5 billion transistors and servers.

BX811536d ago

Lmao, I don't remember the last time I saw 300 plus disagrees.

redwin1536d ago

Haha, he said "kool-aid" and "IV" . Uh uh cool!

S2Killinit1536d ago

LMAO wow, PR has gone to your head man.

Wizard_King1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

lol all PR bullshit.

There is not a single thing that the gimpbox1 can do better than the PS4.

Overdrive looks like typical overhyped crap that no one will play 6 months after release *cough* Ryse, killer instinct, Forza 5 *cough*

The graphics look pretty average and the gameplay seems a bit meh, the only reason this is exclusive to anything is MS and their $.

PS3 (not even PS4) had games with 128 players at once on it. Something that both the 360 and the XB1 both haven't proven able to do yet. They can spout this PR stuff till their teeth fall out but it doesn't make their platform any better than the competition (PC, WiiU and PS4) which it falls behind in every aspect.

wsoutlaw871536d ago

Everyone can get servers. Exclusive deals are about money one way or another.

UltraNova1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Insomniac's latest spin is that XBox live was more suitable to host huge online maps with many gamers at the same time, yet 5 years ago they were doing 60 player online multiplayer (Resistance 2)flawlessly executed on the ps3 which was notorious for its programming complexity not to mention the instability of PSN due to its infancy at the time.

Yet they signed an exclusive deal with MS for hardware they probably didn't even see at the time...Talking about short term memory Insomniac...

As a fan I would respect the fact them coming out and saying the truth; MS paid to have our game exclusive to their new system and that's that, straight and respectable. (or did they actually buy MS's hype machine for the XB1, worst yet did they like MS's new DRM etc strategy ?)

Why even bother to give as an excuse some would ask? Because some time ago when they were asked why did they jump ship like that (from long time Sony 2nd party to MS side) they said they always wanted to give other players, outside Playstation the chance to experience what they made and that is why they can no longer be tied to one platform.


I dont mind them jumping ship for the money, I would do the same thing but bullshiting us like common a-holes? Common!

EDIT: I read the article and commented straight away neglecting to see IntheLab said pretty much the same thing :-p. Great to see another person cutting through the bullshit though.

RedDevils1536d ago

Good, I probably get on PC anyway

Animal Mutha 761536d ago

Wow that must be a world record disagree (419 as I type).419!

419 Sony fans in an Xbox article hehe.

Game doesn't interest me personally but its looking very promising as a decent X1 title.

Muigi1536d ago

Ive never seen that many disagrees lol

Perjoss1536d ago


have you ever considered a career in stand up comedy?

Artemidorus1536d ago

430 dislikes for providing a fact, some real morons around here.

GarrusVakarian1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Bullshit. Hundreds of people play FF14 together on the same sever everyday on PS4. Just like they did on MAG on the PS3.

Instead of giving us bullshit PR answers like this, they should just tell the truth. We already know why the game is exclusive the X1, there's no need to lie. Sony weren't willing to let them have ownership of the IP, MS were. It's as simple as that.

There's nothing about this game that couldn't be replicated on PS4, dedicated servers are not a MS-exclusive feature. It amazes me how many people MS have fooled just by renaming a feature that consoles and PC's have been using for years.

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sprinterboy1537d ago

Insomniac reasons in the statement is laughable really, in fact I will never buy another insomniac game moving fwd.

SaffronCurse1537d ago

Unless it's Resistance, I do hope we see it on Ps4 someday.

Chevalier1537d ago

I will still support them, but, I will now wait for the release to see if it's good Fuse and their last Ratchet were disappointingly awful.

Also like Pain said their reasons are such BS. I played Resistance 2 twice a week for a year and a half for 8 player co-op and the only reason our group stopped was no new updates or levels were released.

specialguest1537d ago

Good riddance. You are only one of several million gamers out there and they don't need you as a gamer anyway. Stay loyal and limit yourself. I game on all consoles and platforms, so bring on the games Insomniac! Sunset Overdrive looks great.


@sprinterboy guys are so emotional. These are video games, stop acting like this is a relationship between 2 people.

funkybudda1536d ago


I agree. Even if they make a resistance 4 for PS4, I will skip it. All the reasons Ted Price mentioned all can be handled by SOny and PS4, he needs to be a man just admit it's money.

DLConspiracy1536d ago

So when you pay someone to mow your lawn do you tell them they are not allowed to mow other peoples lawns?

Insomniac was hired to do a job. Plain and simple. Don't be so dramatic about it.

700p1536d ago

Your butthurt is laughable.

sho0ok1536d ago

You will never buy cuz u can't afford it kid. Same as Xbox u can't afford it.

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ConfettiYeti1537d ago

InTheLab and Sinspirit are both correct on this front.

I'm sure retaining rights to the IP is a reason for it, but this whole cloud servers being so much better than what Sony offers is ludicrous. I do find it impressive that Microsoft owns them all, but Sony itself has its clusters of servers( admittedly, not as many). And Microsofts servers are more than likely not all dedicated to gaming or crunching your magic Xbox Ones into 3 Xbox Ones.

I could respect Insomniac more if they did just say " Yes we did sorta maybe kind of turn our back on Sony and it's fans for a fat check". Not the first time or last time someone will "Sell out". Not like they really owe us anything or an explanation. Time to move on. I understand the guys saying they will never buy another Insomniac title, as for me...make a good game and I will.

Sevir1537d ago

They didn't turn their backs... Ratchet and Clank for PS4 is having it's first gameplay debut next week and is coming exclusively next year during the summer along with the movie, and it's also coming out of the the Burbank studio working on SO.

Seriously. They wanted to keep the IP let's just let them have their word, these deals are ALWAYS struck between suits, golden pens and blank checks... The terms of which they Ultimately come by plays secondary.

Money will always be the be all say all. But the other reasons are all secondary.

DLConspiracy1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Or we could just say they were hired to develop a game and stop worrying about it so much...

ConfettiYeti1536d ago

I understand your point Sevir, and no they did not turn there backs. Just gave us a cold shoulder. Bringing another Ratchet and Clank titleis just the same old same. For myself, that's nothing exciting.

Like I said, they owe us nothing. They gave Playstation fans some great memories. Time to move on. I just don't blame some of these fans for not wanting to back Insomniac now. They feel left out.

thisismyaccount1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Abba has the answer to this issue and other, it´s always..

nunley331537d ago

That and that big MS moneyhat they were given swayed them too.

legionsoup1537d ago

I disagree that it's about the IP, even if they claim it is.

That's like saying "Namco didn't want to make Tekken on PS4 because Sony wanted the IP."

Insomniac is a third party now. As a third party, they choose who they want to make games for. All of this is just a bad excuse.

geddesmond1537d ago

They were pissed Sony wouldn't allow the games they funded like Resistance to release on the Xbox so Insomniac cried like little girls and had a meeting to see how to get back at Sony.

While Xbots were calling Insomniac franchises like Resistance and Rachet crap across many forums and gaming websites. Insomniac devised a plan to release a multiplat title like Fuse which annoyed many PS fans who supported and defended their games since Spyro.

Ted Price told PS Fans to relax that its not like they are releasing a game exclusive to MS. Then Fuse failed to sell on both the PS3 and 360 and Ted price visits MS E3 conference to announce an exclusive. In return it left many fans like myself baffled.

First he said it's not like PS Fans are missing out and then he goes against his word. Now PS fans are like Insomniac who? and MS fans are like Insomniac woowho, can't wait for sunset overdrive. Lol it's comedy. The ones that hated against Insomniac now think there the best thing around while the long term fans are like Sunset Overcrap.

I wish them all the best but I won't be supporting them anymore. Lets pray they do well over at MS because they dug their own grave with PS Fans. Sales for their Sony games will only be half what they used to be now.

ScorpiusX1537d ago

Switch the name insomniac with bungie and almost have the same scenario just without exclusive pa tt .

geddesmond1537d ago


Nah Bungie ain't as bad as Insomniac. See Bungie will never make an exclusive title for Sony and I would put money on that. See PS Fans forgave Insomniac for going Multiplat because at least we still got to play their games. Going exclusive was like a F U from Insomniac to us.

With Bungie the exclusive content isn't that great anyway. Yeah it's downright dirty of Bungie to go against fans like that. But is the content really that good to be annoyed at?

RAWSTA1537d ago

Someone sounds butt hurt!

thenickel1537d ago

Bungie hasn't made a decent Halo since part 2 and it's not the same Bungie now as it was at launch of the original Xbox. The fanboys on both sides are going to hate so don't make it sound like this only happens with one particular group.

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LordMaim1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

MS was willing to publish the game and also was willing to back up a dump truck full of money, you mean.

Just like EA/Respawn. Its a monetary exchange. Its just business, why is it even necessary to justify it?

Eonjay1537d ago

You are correct. All anyone has to do is look at the past deals with Sony where Sony winds up owning their IPs.

And yes they have said it multiple times.

harrisk9541537d ago

Because MS paid them for it?

showtimefolks1537d ago

we all knew about this when the game was shown months ago, this came down to wanting control of the IP. MS gave them that and sony didn't. I so want this on ps4, hopefully for sequel it will be on both xbox one and ps4.

the real interesting thing will be the fact whether xbox gamers actually support this IP, xbox is know for as a shooter console and niche games don't do as well.

beerzombie1536d ago

True; if you own your Ip you can make a lot of money off it from toys TV deals and wearable's. That's how George Lucas made a lot of his money. when he signed a deal with Fox that allowed him to keep control of star wars for himself.