Own a piece of 8 bit-era art in the form of these recycled NES cartridges

Sometimes you just can't help but to pine for the "good ol' days" of video games. You know, back when mankind murdered trees by the hundred just so you could read that 50-page manual and learn how to jump with the A button (MMM that smell). The days when ROMs came packed in a convenient plastic cartridge that doubled as a family-sized coaster. And we certainly all experienced the utter joy of blowing into said cartridges with all of our might just so they would work at all. The good ol' days, indeed

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Vantage3106d ago

Everything is art in the modern era.

Ocsta3106d ago

Blowing into cartridges. No one ever told us to, we did it instictively. Weird.

n4rc3106d ago

Lol.. I'm a millwright in a recycling center.. I find cool crap all the time and just yesterday I found a mint og gameboy with 4 games and a hard case..

Been playing Mario world like a fiend since.. Lol

Ocsta3105d ago

Thank God you realise the value of the awesome things you find!

ipach3105d ago

i love how half-life 3 made the cut. brilliant.