What happened to the good PSP games?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"I'm tired of the second rate ports. When Iron Man is touted as a "great game" for the PSP, then you know you're portable console is screwed. I'm tired of all of the half baked JRPGs, bland Strategy RPG's and boring Action RPGs. Basically, anything with a PG at the end of it's description means that I'm gonna pass on it.

Unfortunately, lately on the PSP, that's all that's being offered. The question is: Why?

Ready at Dawn Studios, the great developers that brought Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus, are done with the PSP. They're not going to make games for it anymore. It appears, from this story in Joysitq, that the Ready at Dawn team is looking to tackle bigger games for the main consoles. That's too bad, really. You can point to their work on Daxter and God of War as being, arguably, two of the best examples of what the PSP has to offer gamers...."

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wolfehound223780d ago

I'm still enjoying my PSP there aren't a ton of great games coming out. Although I liked the Secret agent clank demo so I'll be getting that, and for the rest of the year we'll have to see. I've only had mine since Christmas so there are plenty of older games I want to play. So I think it will be quite some time till I;m bored with it.