Gamer 2.0 reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

Joshua Schwartzman reports:

''Ninja Gaiden II plays out similarly to its predecessor but with a few minor tweaks and a story that makes relevant sense. A rogue ninja is out to stop you and will do anything it takes to take you down while you find clues hidden in your past as to who this ninja truly is and what his motives are. It's a highly straightforward story that will get lost as soon as the action boils on screen, and you will often find yourself wondering why there is a story to begin with, considering it is so nonessential to the overall excitement the game delivers.

If there is one thing to be said about Ninja Gaiden II, the game is brutally violent. The Ninja Gaiden series has long been known for its graphic violence and intense action, and this follow-up is no exception. Body parts can now be severed from individual enemies, blood will spew out of open orifices, and limbs can even be used as projectiles. It is definitely a lot easier to get caught up in the thick of the battle when you have so much carnage happening around you, but what makes these battles so much more than hefty bloodlusts are how enemies react to your movements. The more an enemy loses blood, health, or body parts for that matter, the tougher they ultimately will become. One enemy in particular, a half-demon, ninja hybrid that had his right arm sliced off, actually starting doing back flips and strong sword attacks after he became unarmed. Its instances like these that make battles always engaging and never a dull moment.''

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