Console gaming is dead - everything good is happening on PC right now

Word is that the Xbox One might be getting another price cut. But the Xbox One doesn't need a cheaper price tag or new colours to get people interested. It needs some decent games, because let's face it, there are none.
Games, apps, features and functionality - both next gen consoles are still hugely lacking in them all and we're nearly a year in now.
It's not unusual for each generation to start slowly, but against the backdrop of an exciting golden age for PC gaming, games consoles are starting to look looking increasingly... irrelevant.
Why? Because all of the good things in the gaming world right now are happening on PC. All of them.
Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, DayZ, Witcher III, Arma III, Project Cars to name just a few. Not to mention the big deal that is F2P these days, the promise of Steam Machines, the innovation behind the Nvidia Shield Tablet - and did you hear about the Oculus Rift? I could go on... oh and I will.
For gamers of all types, the PC is the place to be. Which is all the more remarkable when you consider that this is a time when millions of brand new big budget next gen console sitting at home in fast-boot standby mode, desperate for something other than tumbleweed to blow into their empty disc bays.

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randomass1713406d ago

Bad examples since those are coming to PC. Talk about console exclusives next time. I'm good with my PS4 and Wii U this gen though since those both have some great exclusives.

johndoe112113406d ago

The last of us is coming to pc?

ThatEnglishDude3406d ago

Yeah, GTA 5 is coming to PC, over a year later. Hardly something to brag about.

randomass1713406d ago

@johndoe11211 lol You're right. I misread TLOU as Tomb Raider! But GTAV is coming to PC for sure.

Eiffel3406d ago


Not officially.

ramiuk13406d ago

being just a xbone owner is a sad generation i think but why wold u need xbone when pc has most of the titles.

i have my ps4 and gaming pc.
gaming pc doesnt get used but when a game comes out i cant do on ps4 i get it on pc.

Ms must keep games xbone only otherwise there giving people a better choice(pc) everytime and when its not on pc the better choice is ps4

Darkstares3406d ago

Console gaming is far from dead, same as PC gaming and we all know the benefits of console gaming. Easier access, hardware parity, and of course console exclusives.

But let's not forget the many benefits pC gaming offers. Most advanced hardware that will give you the best possible experience. Open source which means multiple controllers and k/m options. Free online multiplayer. The largest and more diverse software library. Backwards compatibility. Cheaper games. Easiest access for indie developers. Money not wasted on marketing because not one company is trying to sell us the hardware who offsets that cost to the consumer by way of royalties.

CaEsAr-3406d ago

Do us all a favor and SHUT UP

Giul_Xainx3405d ago

PC gaming isn't fun any more. Controllers are more fun to play with. Keyboards and mouses have too many odd and wierd button configurations. On a controller.... it much easier to figure out the movement and shoot buttons. And selecting weapons.

Darkstares3405d ago

Giul_Xainx, when was the last time you played games on the PC? Lots of games use a controller but unlike consoles the PC has the flexibility to use different types of controllers AND keyboard/mouse

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Fireseed3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

See I could post a couple of the big PC excluisves but I'll just post the list of exclusives from 2000 to 2013.


Booyah3406d ago

I didn't know 91% of these games. My pc was mostly for gaming some Battlefield and MMOrpg. Might have to try some if they're not too expensive on steam. Thx

Spartacus103406d ago

The problem is that most of those games suck, and a lot of them are just expansions.
The list of PS exclusives since 2000 might be shorter, but theres definately more quality.

You might say theres been 3 PS systems out since 2000, but I'd say I've still spent less on playstations since 2000 than you have on PC's since 2000.

sprinterboy3406d ago


That's one big list of games which are either shit or I have no interest in, way to go. Here's my list;

Killzone series
Uncharted series
Beyond 2 souls
Heavy rain
God of war series
Super stardust

Just to name a few, good luck playing them on pc

darx3406d ago

Lol @ sprinterboy

Hands down the worst list ever...lol!!

Potnoodle9993406d ago

Wow darx...you have either never played any of those games or are just an annoying pc elitist. Journey alone is one of the best games I have ever played, not to mention the other gems on that list. Do yourself a big favour and play every game on that list and you will have a blast. That is unless you truly are just a fanboy :)

darx3406d ago

@ potnoodle
I stand by my comment...PC destroys console gaming in everyway. Sorry to break the news

thisismyaccount3405d ago

PC Exclusives like :


... a 76kb "scene" demo really? But thanks for showing a list with upcoming games like Black Desert or games that have actually seen a release on one or more consoles, like Black & White on the XBOX i believe.

Over 75% of the mentioned titles are extreme low-value games, like having BLOCKTRIX! as an exclusive, why not add Mine Sweeper while we´re at it or Solitaire?

You should remove the link, it is a laughable at best, with exclusives like Casino INC!, chi bi, DAYZ, DAYZ (MOD) now mods count as full game too, EVERY FRIGGIN Everquest Addon?!, EVERY FRIGGIN Everquest 2 Addon?! , Everquest NEXT (not released as of yet), Fortnite (not released as of yet), FOOD FORCE 1 and 2... /doh, Grim Dawn which is still in "PAID beta" (no release date yet), etc etc..

Over 80% if not most of them are utter garbage, "games" with so weird names, they could only be released on the PC, like with ks-n-kickin (and i picked that one randomly from the list) just as an example.

Actually this <PC exclusive list> serves one purpose, as for a drinking game! Have some beverage ready and blindfolded, select a title randomly from the list and HOPE that it ain´t a shaite one!

If you´re lucky and got a good title, you won´t have to drink. Everyone esle has to, the person still alive and without suffering from a liver-cirrhosis at the end of the day WINS the game!

Thanks for the laugh.

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KyRo3406d ago

Console gaming is dead yet GTA5 has sold 34 million copies... Riiiiiight.

Console gaming is STILL growing. PC gaming is growing a lot too but PC gaming still has quite a 'geeky' image to casual gamers. I play PC games too but tbh, I'd much rather sit back and play my PS3/PS4/360 personally.

extermin8or3406d ago

I play certain types of games on pc and others and exclusives on my ps4. Thing is the hassle I've had with broken buggy pc games I really cba with the crappy hoops I have to jump through sometimes to get pc games to actually launch etc because bugs are messing them up, at least evem the buggies console games ice had the misfortune of owning have been able to launch without me editing.internal files and such I just cba with that shit.

Nanux3406d ago

if you look at numbers no one is dead only growing. if you want drama(click-bait) every one is dead, except for mobile :D personaly i think Android gaming is future, phones-tablets are becoming more powerful, ps now comming to mobile, more pc ports are comming. But it is future in 3-6 years not present days. ps.: talking about AAA games not flappy bird.

thisismyaccount3405d ago

Consoles > publishers 99% revenue/main income source
PC > release months after the consoles (rarely upgradated), sales remain below consoles (Watch_Dogs, TitanFall and all the prev. games im not inclined to do a google search for)

In other words : Console sold well or is a huge success > PC version most likely to happen, months later..

Future_20153406d ago

end of the day 99% of multi plats are the best versions on pc because of the frames per second like 60 or above, higher resolution like 1440p and 2160p (4K), better and more precise control without the stupid auto aim on shooters, triple screen support, Oculus Rift you can already buy if you really want it, graphic settings can be changed to what you want, mods which add a tone of more content in most games and much better graphics can be added through mods. :)

Palitera3406d ago

And cheats and hack on multiplayer games, and delayed versions, and terrible ports, and etcetcetc...

tee_bag2423405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Thing is there's so little on the new consoles to get excited about if you already have a gaming PC. 95% of the new gen games are coming to PC anyway. Right now there is a hopelessly boring library of games. All I hear is a whole lot of "well can you play XYZ" that isn't even released yet.
PC is going through a Renaissance it seems.

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ravensly3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

yeah i also know that you guys gonna buy gta 5 again on ps4 and xbox one...... loss? buying a game twice to get better graphics and framerate.

ramiuk13406d ago

i didnt play last of us on ps3,amaziong game on my ps4.
i also played the tomb raider ps4 edition which was awesome too.
GTA 5 i played almost the full story on 360 but i got bored and wont be buying the remaster

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ElementX3406d ago

As an owner of PS3, PS4, Vita, and XBOne I must say that I've been playing strictly PC for months now. With Steam sales I have a back log of over 570 games and a number of them have come to consoles like Deus Ex Human Revolution, Far Cry 3, Hitman, Assassin's Creed, etc. The prices are much cheaper online plus you get the higher resolution if you have a capable video card and monitor. I even play a lot of the games on my TV with an Xbox controller. PC is really the way to go, I bought the consoles for the exclusives but there really haven't been very many yet. The games I really am looking forward to are on PC also.

Volkama3406d ago

A lot like me. I have an Xbox One, and I have the money set aside for a PS4 just as soon as I feel like buying one.

I 'only' have about 100 games in the backlog, and my PC is hooked up in the living room. I absolutely love it.

I like the XBox One, but right now it is only used for movies and for games with my children.