New Tenchu 4 Gameplay

Gameplay demo from the Tenchu 4 event.

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Rikitatsu3833d ago

Acquire is back to develop the Tenchu series after K2 taken the series rights from them!!

Tenchu 4 +Acquire = Pwnage

PS360WII3833d ago

Yes hopefully this shapes up to be a great one ^^

BrotherNick3833d ago

That was sweet...the ninja hangs upside-down from the ceiling and snaps the guy's neck.

BUM3833d ago

A good gameplay, but unfortunately there is no better video.

Doppy3833d ago

The gameplay looks like an improvement over the original, but I can't see the graphics because of the crappy video. I think they look good.

Splenda143833d ago

looks like the 360 version

lsujester3833d ago

Look at the guy controlling it. That's a Wiimote. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.