Game Stooge Review: Warlords

Game Stooge writes: "It's a pity that Warlords isn't getting much play on Xbox Live Arcade, because twenty-plus years later, the core gameplay is as solid as ever.

For those of you not familiar with the game, it's basically Breakout/Pong with four players. Each player has a castle guarded by bricks - and a shield they use basically in the same way as they would in Breakout to redirect a ball at the other players. The minor twist is that balls can be captured and fired - and when there's four players, it's a tense moment in whom the attacker will try to aim at. Once a ball makes it through the bricks and hits a player's castle, that player is out of the game, and another ball comes into play. Against the computer, it's mildly entertaining, but with other human players, gameplay becomes fast-paced and wicked."

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