Are the PS4 and Xbox One Letting You Down

If you've bought a PS4 or Xbox One or you're waiting to buy one when the games are there to play, you might be feeling disappointed. has put up an article about some of the reasons explaining our potential dismay.

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Majin-vegeta1933d ago

Must be OP first launch console he has gotten.

thorstein1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Yeah. And who is "us?" I'm not disappointed.

gravelchalice1933d ago

Me and my friends mostly bought PS4s and we've played the PS3 more than it in the last 9 months. I like the PS4 and its potential but it's taking its time adding features that the PS3 has had for years. The constant delays are starting to wear me down.

thorstein1933d ago

But you can't speak for all gamers. That is my point. Many of us are ecstatic with our new systems be it PS4, XOne, or Wii U.

gravelchalice1932d ago

I understand that and it's a very valid point. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the consoles. I know this will sound like an exaggeration but I have literally spoken to hundreds of people who have moaned about the lack of content. It seems the delays are the things irritating most of them. I know delays can be an inevitability in game development but when people ask me about when a specific games due out that they're looking forward to, my answer is usually 2015.

DFray9191931d ago

that exactly what i was thinking!i love my ps4 and i want a xbox1. why they assume everyone agree with them?

Lwhit61931d ago

I am. I didn't pay all this money to get platforming indies.

RantandRave1931d ago

"Yeah. And who is "us?" I'm not disappointed."

I couldn't agree more. One the other hand of the authors question:

"Are the PS4 and Xbox One Letting You Down?"

My answer would be No! but NG4 allowing repetitive and pointless articles like these to be posted is VERY DISSAPPOINTING!!!

700p1931d ago

The only thing im disappointed of is the damn delays!

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scark921932d ago

I will never forget the PS3 launch! Sony took a long beating from Xbox fans saying 'they had no games' and there was an absence of amazing games, but look at the PS3 now, great games will come, that is what I expect from the Next Gen Consoles!

SnakePlissken1930d ago

I hope you're right, because all I keep seeing lately is remasters!

Seems like its the new trend, not good.

XiNarutoUzumaki1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

PS4: I have enjoyed my PS4 since launch. Killzone, AC4, Infamous, MLB, Resogun, and etc have given plenty of enjoyment.

Wii U: My Wii U was left colleting dust untill Mario 3D world, DK Tropical freeze came. And after I bought Mario Kart 8, I've beemln giving my wii U a lot of love.

Xbox One: My Xbox One is the one which gets less love. I love Titanfall, but the game has got old. Forza 5 keeps me coming back to the console, but Not for much time. Still an awesome console, and I'm waiting for Sunset and MCC to turn it on again.

Overall, I am not dissapointed with either console. My PS4 is the console i rock every day. Love my Wii U and Xbone too. I'm not let down.

CMackthe3rd1932d ago

Personally, I'm using the hell out of my Ps4/Wii U combo as I get a lot of use from each individual thing, whether for gaming or general entertainment. The PS4 sees the most gaming with Resogun, Killzone, Infamous Second Son, Tomb Raider, Outlast and now TLoU Remastered. My Wii U is getting a lot of love as well with MK8, New SMBU, Windwaker HD and also thanks to the super useful Netflix on the Gamepad feature as it allows me to continue watching anything anywhere (aprox. 20 ft) from the Wii U, I love that feature. I honestly do not feel let down by either the PS4 or the WiiU, though, sadly I cannot say the same for the XBone since it's been left unused since playing Titanfall. I have the Xbone in the living room along with the Wii U and my XBox 360. The XBone sees the least use as my gf and I use the Wii U a lot and our roommate uses the 360 mainly for GoW3 and netflix/hulu/youtube. All the Xbone needs is a good set of games (not just the good looking Sunset Overdrive)and a more focused game plan for the future.

wolfcreek1931d ago

The ps4 is miles ahead of ps3 and miles behind any reason to to play it. All the games mentioned above are re hashed or third party or the same puzzle idie game over and over. The first real fun I'll have is starting to come with Plants warfare which is way better than COD. then Diablo 3 , destiny and lbp 3 I can't wait for Load out . Other than that the ps4 /wiiu combo is great with the wiiu having the best games right now.

mochachino1931d ago

Favourite game I played in a while is Infamous SS so I'm very happy to have a PS4.

I think this gens first year is less disappointing than last gen's first year.

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The story is too old to be commented.