Wii U or Xbox One: More Fun With Numbers

Gamer Headlines: Yesterday there was spirited debate over the article "Which Console is Doing Better: Wii U or Xbox One?" Many commenters took umbrage at the view that XBO has the advantage moving into the rest of 2014. Several insisted on making a big deal out of sales in the last quarter. Did the commenters have a point? Is there more there?

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thorstein1533d ago

You're missing a big, big part of the picture. Wii U's sales numbers (and PS4, for that matter) are based on sales through to customer whereas XOne is sales to retail. That is a huge difference when really looking at overall numbers.

Xone gets a bump because they shipped their kinectless XOne to retail hoping for better sales.

Spotie1533d ago

Not much of a bump, it would seem, though.

I find it interesting how many try to downplay that difference, and the fact that Microsoft was, until early this year, also reporting sold through.

Ariamythe1533d ago

Interesting. Can you source that information?

thorstein1532d ago


This article explains it pretty well:

Dunban671533d ago

Well written article and a balanced look at the 2 consoles situation. - It is def too early to declare a winner

JacketsNest1011533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

She claims to have spreadsheets. One problem: I don't see any spreadsheets. If you are going to reference numbers in an article with as much financial jargon as this one has, you need a couple visual aids. Did you not learn this when you were taking journalism classes? At least provide your sources for reference, even if it's just a hyperlink. Why do articles like this, with such obviously bad journalism, continue to get approved?!

LOL_WUT1533d ago

Definitely X1 as it's focused on games and has the hardware to back it up! Can't go wrong with that system ;)