Resident Evil REmake? Great, Now We're Doing Remakes of Remakes

If we start going down this road, where does it end? Let's hope remastered version of remakes - or vice versa - doesn't become another trend.

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Shacks1935d ago

I'd rather they remake this... remake than make another game in the series right now. I hope this leads to a reboot.

ChrisGTR11935d ago

at this point id prefer RE1 remake than any of the new garbage RE games they've been putting out

Shacks1935d ago

Have you played the original recently? It doesn't hold up well. The GameCube remake was real nice.

cfc781934d ago

@ Shacks

The original is 18 years old lol show me any game that holds up well after that long.

Etseix1934d ago

Doing a Remake MULTIPLATFORM, from a Remake EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO Gamecube.

Yeah, that's why.

Gamecube exclusive stands stil lrpetty good, the graphics and everything is just amazing, but then again, it was exclusive, and lets be honest here, not too many people bought the Gamecube and missed it.

This, is a great oportunity to play it (and in a better way) on your console of choice.

ChrisGTR11934d ago

yea i bought a wii a couple years ago and played it lol. i think those were such good games cause they were primarily an adventure game with guns instead of a shooter game.
also id really love to play RE4 but a proper next gen version not the updated ps2 version thats out there.

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user74029311935d ago

if you don't want a remake, don't buy it. simple.

Joegrine201935d ago

the problem is its a remake of a remake. They could have easily put that effort into RE2 or 3. Remakes for those games is long overdue.

cfc781935d ago

You know what Capcoms like if this does well a 2 or 3 could come eventually it's not like they don't need the money and with the hardware available how hard could it be.

Deadpoolio1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Yeah cause they totally shouldn't actually remake a gamecube exclusive game that has been Nintendo only since 2002....They should have totally just remade 2 and 3 cause who the hell wouldn't want the first one also....Genius your a damn genius...

There was a specific reason it was only on Nintendo consoles clearly that ended finally..

Why would they want to see how well this does, before putting all the work and effort it would take to actually remake 2 and 3 from the ground up since they were PS1 games they would require ground up remakes

Shacks1935d ago

But, if people just shut up and voted with their wallets we wouldn't have these discussions.

-Foxtrot1935d ago

People have been asking for this though...

I'd rather take this then RE7

Problem is I'm scared Capcom or going to try and change stuff around in the HD remake which makes it more like RE5/RE6 and more "accessible".

cfc781935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

They already said they're keeping it true to the original game for the fans in the interview adding in a 2nd control system that can be switched on/off any time in the menu the same guys did a stellar job with the GC version I see no reason to worry gonna be awesome.

camel_toad1935d ago

No worries about them changing stuff around. That would involve effort.

Gatsu1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I agree Fox, I rather have this too so they might know later how to return to the horror-style of the series, like they used to be in the old days. Better for Capcom to take their time with RE7 :), if it's even coming. Maybe then they can at least make it carefully instead of messing it up again.

IIIHARLEMIII1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

A remake of a remake of a remake, yea yea yea...

But honestly if I had to choose a new game following the original Resident evil formula then he'll yea I rather a new game, but if it's between a resident evil remake or a new action suspense dead space 3 type of game... man please give me a remake of the last of us resident evil tombraider halo and every other proven classic game released, wether it's a old or recent classic..

While I'm at it give me a uncharted trilogy, beyond 2 souls, heavy rain, heavenlly sword, south park stick of truth and a gears of war trilogy remaster aswell!!!

iNFAMOUZ11935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

its not a remake of a remake dumb**s, its a remake

jeeves861935d ago

REmake is a remake of the original Resident Evil. Try again.

AnotherProGamer1934d ago

actually this isnt a remake more of a re-release port with minor graphical improvements, remake would be changing many assets

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The story is too old to be commented.