New Call of Duty Expected to Be Most Pre-Ordered Game This Year; Strong Support from Microsoft Cited

Activision Blizzard just held its financial conference call for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014, and provided a few statements about the predicted performance of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which will hit the shelves on November 4th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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dotwithshoes1929d ago

expected by who? Destiny will easily beat it.

aceitman1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

not to sure about this one , and im not alone ,the preorders are way under compared to other cod games , it hasn't even reached 70,000 on any system with 15 weeks to go , there all in there 40-60,000 with only 1,000-2,000 added each week

here is what cod games look like 15 weeks before launch ghost black opps 2
and the most preordered game so far is destiny destiny at 15 weeks left

TheJacksonRGN1929d ago

Multiplayer has not been revealed yet and that's the main selling point for these games. Pre-orders will jump after Monday, will it be enough? Dunno but it will jump.

4Sh0w1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Every year we hear how this game or that game will outsell COD. In the end COD still has a huge fanbase waiting for the next iteration, until they get burned out and move on, I see no real indication why COD will not continue to outsell all other games. It's not my favorite game but I respect it for what it is, a good pick up n play twitch shooter that I can play in between some of my much more highly anticipated games that I usually plan to buy every year.

COD Advanced Warfare will be the best selling game this year.

Giul_Xainx1929d ago

Hit anyone with a bag of money in the face, and they will completely forget everything. Even if it was filled with half dollars.

But seriously though.... I still have not purchased, or even played a call of duty game since CoD4MW.

CoryHG1929d ago


Oh and 13 year olds.

pinkcrocodile751929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I try not to care too much about sales for a game.

The only things I care about are;

1. That they make enough money to warrant making another one next year.

2. Multiplayer is still awesome and brings sonething new (hell pole dance ewoks would do!), even though I die ever 15 seconds and spend at least 10 mins each session walking into a wall.

3. I get to filter out all the little [email protected]@ds who scream and yell over comms. I call them little [email protected]@rd, because they usually are the little [email protected]@rds who kill me within seconds... EVERY TIME

I'm good to wait until next week and see if papas got a brand new bag!... Probably not!

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-Foxtrot1929d ago

Was just going to say that

I think Destiny has more pre orders going. I mean look how much people want the Collectors edition, usually most people say they are a waste of time yet people are buying them on Ebay for over $1000

Bigpappy1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Destiny is out first, and has had Alfa and a public Beta. COD: Advanced warfare was also announced way after Destiny, so most gamers have not had a real good look at just yet. That will change after a few weeks into Destiny.

Win/Win for Activision.

Galletto31929d ago

I think the thing is, COD is more mainstream and is an established IP, and since this is a yearly wait for some people it makes it more likely to have more pre-orders.

BUT people are more diehard about Destiny, meaning they will be people willing to shell out the cash for those awesome collectors editions.

USMC_POLICE1929d ago

No I looked on eBay $350 tops bro. Check ebay

Abriael1929d ago

By Activision. And since Activision publishes both, I'd say they know.

-Foxtrot1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

True but wouldn't it be a good business tactic to try and hype the game your publishing which is the least talked about so it BECOMES the most talked about. Compared to previous years the COD hype is pretty low so it makes sense for Activison to try and balance the field a little and try to make way for COD with all the Destiny hype we have

Abriael1929d ago

@-Foxtrot: they're talking to investors. Not to customers.

kenmid1929d ago

Sorry, Destiny will not beat COD, its too much of casual game and they have the fan base that will buy the game every year. And like @Abriael said above I think Actvision would know who has the highest preorders.

objdadon1929d ago

Gotta disagree here, Titanfall is casual (bots), in the destiny crucible you'll get your ass handed to you if you are not skilled enough! I learned the hard way and thought the multiplayer was unbalanced until I learned how to kill even those with more powerful weapons than me! It's gonna be interesting but nothing ever outsells cod.

DeadlyOreo1929d ago

I think he's saying Cod is the casual game.

gamernova1929d ago

Titanfall did not beat it and neither will destiny. CoD has too much support to its brand. Look at the professional scene. Out of CoD, MLG came into light. It will take something amazing to beat CoD at least when you compare FPS to FPS.

MysticStrummer1929d ago

The two biggest CoD fans I know, my little brothers, aren't interested in it anymore. Not sure if that's any indication of the bigger picture. They don't care about Destiny either though.

xHoii1929d ago

Why do you need to post that comment everywhere? Lol

MysticStrummer1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Why does it bother you if I post a true comment?

It's an article about CoD popularity and they really have been CoD fanatics, to the point where they rarely played anything else, and now they don't care.

Sorry if that bothers you, but it's true. I've posted a comment about it maybe 3 or 4 times. Hardly "everywhere".

DeadlyOreo1929d ago

I have at least 2 friends who haven't been interested in Cod games but are picking up Advanced Warfare when it comes out. Does that cancel out your little brothers?

marioJP871929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

You're out your damn mind! COD is one of the most popular games in the existence of gaming. Even college girls and parents know and play COD. How many non gamers know about "Destiny"? ... I'll wait!!!

ovnipc1929d ago

Yea it's well be the most pre-order and sold game of 2014. I play pre-order 2 copies of the $120 version that comes with season pass. Now ghost i didn't pre-order cause it was crap. I got ghost for $60 with season pass. And its the only cod i have not gone max prestige.

Magicite1929d ago

will be funny if activision will damage cod itself.

GoPanthers9991929d ago

I am taking my canceled Destiny preorder and putting that on Advanced Warfare. Have not bought a new COD in awhile but thus one looks awesome.

ThatOneGuyThere1929d ago

a ton of people swore off COD with the release of Ghosts. But, even then, i doubt Destiny will beat it.

dotwithshoes1928d ago

This is per GameStop, COD is well below last years preorder levels for this time of year. Destiny is going to easily beat it when it comes to preorders. Actual sales may be different, but preorders are going to go to Destiny.

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DanielGearSolid1929d ago

I wonder if the X1 version will sell more than the Ps4 version

aceitman1929d ago

maybe in the usa but worldwide ps4 will take the top.

SaveFerris1929d ago

If PS4 sales are higher than the XB1 in the USA then it might go the other way. Not sure if the early access DLC will be a factor or not though.

Volkama1929d ago

Install base counts for a lot. Ghosts sold more on the PS4 than the One.

It'll be an interesting one to watch though, not sure why you got so many disagrees just for expressing curiousity in it.

CertifiedGamer1929d ago

I wonder if the X1 is still going to be 720p again?

Sevir1929d ago

Nah, from early footage analysis from eurogamer's Digital Foundary, They said early footage on XBO appears to be 900P, which at the time was a marked improvement over Ghost!

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Majin-vegeta1929d ago

Hmm idk everything seems so quite on the cod side.

Lawboy21929d ago

I'm super excited for the game...but I'm a huge COD fan...can't wait

OrangePowerz1929d ago

Not as quiet as last year.

danny8181929d ago

yes. super excited for this game

jay21929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Here's an idea, all these kids getting cod send them to real war ok?

jdktech20101929d ago

Sure, if we can send you to the moon to fight the Hive, or to an apocalpytic Pittsburgh with clickers, or Mordor to fight orcs and Sauron, or to play in an NBA or NFL game.

Wait, none of these situations from video games are possible in real life?...hmmmm, isn't that interesting?

Sorry, had to lay on the sarcasm for that beauty of a comment.

4Sh0w1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

lol, also note the irony in a guy on the internet making ridiculous statements about sending "kids" to war just because they "play" games for fun. I know, I know how is that possible???.. since COD games never have the best story ever, nor does it have the highest pixel count pushing the greatest graphics ever, nor is it exclusive to one console which makes hardcore gamers feel special, nah for the most part its just always been a smooth 60fps, twitch shooter, where you feel badazz blowing stuff up, jumping in and out of matches killing your buddies/strangers or teaming up with them for a night of good old gaming that makes you forget to pause the game and count the pixels.

I love graphics, tech/effects and games with lots of depth to them just as much as anybody here but I also don't agree with the elitist attitude that every game has to be magical leap forward to be enjoyed, especially when a dev has a formula that they know is very enjoyable for millions of fans. I think the dev's have a responsibility to seek improvement over past titles but they are not required to re-invent the wheel so much so that its a different game that won't resonate with the fanbase they have built.

OrangePowerz1929d ago

What's that got to do with anything? It's a game for entertainment, a game that many people in the military play for entertainment in many different countries.

ThatOneGuyThere1929d ago

the US Army could market it like Nissan does with GT Academy. "Win a tournament of COD and win a chance to join the real army*!"

* must meet physical requirements

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