Gamedaily reviews The Incredible Hulk

Robert Workman reports:

''Creating a stellar game off a summer blockbuster is a monster of a goal for any publisher, and The Incredible Hulk, based on the Universal movie of the same name that opens this Friday, somewhat hits the mark. Sega did a decent job creating an attractive game that lets you roam around and break things, but poor artificial intelligence and boring fights eventually lead to its demise.

Unsurprisingly, the game follows the film's storyline, although a few stray missions waver off into comic book territory. General "Thunderbolt" Ross is eager to create genetically mutating soldiers for the sake of strengthening the military, something scientist Bruce Banner doesn't agree with. Rather than hand over his research or disclose that he can already mutate himself into a nearly invincible green guy, he goes on the run. After smacking soldiers, tanks and other vehicles around as the Hulk, the road leads to New York City, where bigger threats, namely the powerful Enclave group and a transformed soldier called Abomination, await.''

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