Boomtown: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Review - The prequel to one of the best games ever is with us, and on a portable system

Boomtown writes: "I can remember my first session of play with Final Fantasy VII, even to this day. I'd pre-ordered it through the strength of reviews alone, having never been that interested in Final Fantasy games beforehand, and hoped that it would bring my buyer's remorse from a less than stellar line up for my first console purchase in check. I've been looking for that T-Shirt that I got free for pre-ordering, and it pains me to consider that it's probably been lost or thrown out (possibly from overuse), because it is yet another reminder of what I would consider one of my top five games ever.

I started playing the game, and seven hours later I took a break to eat some food. I was addicted. That still remains my longest gaming session without a break. So we saw the inevitable sequels (and are still waiting for FFXIII) and finally, Square Enix decided they would revisit the much loved world of FFVII as a continuation of the franchise with a straight to DVD movie, Advent Children, a sequel following Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus and finally, this PSP Action RPG prequel following the first game's mysterious character, Zack."

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