DBZ: Burst Limit PS3 vs 360 Comparison

The two next-gen brawlers go head to head in this video comparison.

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SeanScythe3785d ago

This is one game that there really is no differance. The pS3 is brighter but that could be due to the settings. The 360 has a slight blur but I'm not sure if that's the tv settings or the game.

mistertwoturbo3785d ago

To me the 360 has a lower gamma, thus the colors are a tiny shade darker. But the blacks on the PS3 is a tiny shade darker.

All in all, it's 99% equal so this comparison is useless.

xhairs3785d ago

I'd have to say all in all the only difference was light/dark. But I too noticed that slight blur on the 360 -- tv or not?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3785d ago

To be honest the XBOX 360 controller sucks when it comes to fighting game. The Directional (D)-Pad isn't good for executing moves and the PlayStation 3 is much better. The D-Pad for the XBOX 360 is good for diagonal executions but overall the PlayStation 3's D-Pad is better. The individual directions are separated to better execution of moves.

This is what disappointed me from getting Virtual Fighter 5 on the XBOX 360. No matter how good the fighting game is the Microsoft (first party) controller does not suit fighting games. Even if the XBOX 360 was way ahead of the PlayStation 3 version I would still get it for the PlayStation 3. What’s the point if you can’t even do moves properly? Plus multiplatform games are supposed to be the same when will people get this, you’ll never really see any major differences. You’ll only see how each hardware handles the same things or how well developer’s are for each.

heyheyhey3785d ago

#1 in the open zone has it nailed

i was more interested in what the gameplay was like, and it seems like a fun brawler

BeaArthur3785d ago

Oh yay, another one of these.

Robearboy3785d ago

Agreed with number 1, it just looks like a brightness/contast thing, everything else looks the same

Gun_Senshi3785d ago

Anyone who says that X version is better then Y Version is retarded.
They are the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.