The Last of Us Remastered Angry Joe Review

Angry Joe reviews The Last of Us Remastered on PS4.

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user74029311533d ago

Angry joe tells the truth i got to give him that.

BiggCMan1533d ago

I disagree with him plenty of times. But definitely not on this. I was very excited for him to play this and i'm glad his more Xbox and PC side didn't come into play here and he was able to see just how amazing the game is.

JackOfAllBlades1533d ago

Your gonna like me when I'm angry!!

ShinMaster1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It's interesting to note that Angry Joe is(was?) a primarily PC and Xbox gamer.
The only difference between him and people on this and many other sites, is that he's not a fanboy.

LOGICWINS1533d ago

Angry Joe is the furthest thing from a fanboy. Its scary how on point he is. I bought Shadowfall despite the bad things he said about it...and everything he said about it was true. I love how he backs up everything he says with gameplay footage.

Very happy to see Angry Joe embrace the Playstation brand. TLOU was a masterpiece last year and I can't wait to experience it again on Friday. Dad brought it home from Bestbuy today :D

bouzebbal1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Another review another 10.
Looks like this game isn't done breaking records..
Best game of last gen and best game of this gen so far says it all about how far this game is pushing bounderies

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DigitalRaptor1533d ago

It's OFFICIAL everyone.

TLOU is definitely NOT overrated. Joe goes massively in-depth with his reviews and is one of the fairest and non-biased reviewers out there.

Ezz20131532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

never thought the guy do in depth reviews
also i read that this is one of the very few times he give a game 10/10

reaperofsouls1532d ago

projected sales anyone? 1 million 2 million ..more..?

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Lmfao @ 10:30 onwards.

(Minor spoilers throughout review. Be warned, TLOU virgins).

Ripsta7th1533d ago

Dude where do you go?!? You used to be on the comments all the time, now sazuke took over

GarrusVakarian1533d ago

I evolved into a member of NeoGAF, although I like coming back here every now and again just to check up on the resident loonies.

Malphite1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Yeah that was hilarious. It reminded me of some of the Xbox fanboys on this site.

I've just finished the game yesterday and today I've finished the DLC. All I have to say to the people that are trying to downplay this game is: You can't play down a masterpiece. You can try but you'll only embarrass yourself.

TongkatAli1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Many people tried and failed trying. Being an anti Sony games fanboys is a tough job.

sourav931533d ago

GAF? Really? Deserter! Lol. How'd you even get a GAF account? Don't you have to be invited? Anyways mate, we miss you around here.

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Just apply with a work email, regular email account aren't accepted.

I still comment here, lol. I just enjoy having (mostly) mature and intelligent conversation more than I like having my brain melted by some of the users here, hence why I'm on GAF more than N4G.

Patrick_pk441533d ago

Pro-Sony here, GAF contains Sony fanboys and is as terrible as N4G because of it. It's as bad as /v/ from 4Chan.

Kayant1533d ago


Yh.... Loooool right.


"I evolved into a member of NeoGAF, although I like coming back here every now and again just to check up on the resident loonies." - Same here ;)

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Patrick_pk44 is a classic example of someone who's only experience of GAF is through the incredibly biased and twisted words of MisterXmedia and/or jealous, resentful Xbox fanboys who need someone/something to blame and take out said resentment on.

There are threads, gamers, and fans of all types of games and systems on GAF. I've seen people get banned for trolling Xbox threads, I've seen people get banned for trolling PS exclusives threads. There is no bias against Xbox over there, the mods will ban your ass no matter who you are or what console you support. People act like it's a haven for Sony fanboys and a concentration camp for Xbox fanboys over there; but that's simply not true. Anyone who actually bothered to go there and take a look for themselves would know this.

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Insomnia_841533d ago

Good thing. A lot of insane psychotic ppl here pretending to be others, if you already know what I mean. lol crazy!

sourav931533d ago

Ah fair enough. I might give gaf a go then soon. I know what you mean, sometimes the threads here can make you wanna facepalm your own head off.

Salooh1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I hope we get the chance to play together in multiplayer. Will play today so maybe you could join me if you have free time :P . Me need to kick butt :> .

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chrisarsenalsavart1533d ago

Angry Joe rocks.
Geoff Kelley should learn professionalism from this guy.
A true gamer who doesn't hold any banner and speak his own mind.A rarity in that industry.

Action GO FIGURE1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yeah his reviews are pretty enjoyable too. Also, his BF4 rant was great.

chrisarsenalsavart1532d ago

The bf4 rant is one of my all time favourite.
I ll say it was, wait for it legendary