Why are Gamers So Afraid of Change?

Hardcore Gamer: Developers walk a thin line when changing any aspect of a game for its sequel. It's anybody's guess whether they will be praised for innovation or taken out to the stockades for crimes against a beloved franchise. More often than not, any change to a franchise in a sequel is met with instant criticism, but one has to wonder: what's the real virtue of a game being similar to its predecessor?

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3-4-51535d ago

People don't mind change, they just don't like when the change is worse than what they had before.

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randomass1711535d ago

People demand change in Call of Duty all the time. The criticism is very selective though.

user65409481535d ago

Yet people keep buying it despite the same engine, gameplay, etc.

That's the point of the article...most gamers hate change, and those who ask for it yet don't receive the change (ie: cod fans) just buy it anyway.

That's why my sights are locked on to indie games. "AAA" nowadays means rehash about 75% of the time, sadly.

andydalum1535d ago

Depends on the franchise you like like Dragon age people hated the 2nd at least online they did so what do they do . . . make the new one vastly better. Mass Effect already talking about some good changes to the new game.

BUT one thing i think people forget about change is you have to be smart about it because people have time invested into games. Time is the most valuable thing we have if let's say madden says screw it we only do minor changes and redoes everything will take multiple maddens to get it right. Why would i want that another 6 years for a revamped madden or the one i have come to enjoy year in and year out.

AAA games get called out for not changing but if they change to much they can ruin a franchise because to redo everything from ground up takes a long time to perfect. If u enjoy it buy it, if not find another IP to invest your time and money into.

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AnotherProGamer1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Thief (2014) and Bioshock Infinite received a lot of flak because it removed and dumbed down many aspects that made the original great, gamers like change if they are improving the gameplay mechanics i.e Street Fighter 2

curtis921535d ago

Because usually it's in the name of 'appealing to the masses' and involves heavily diluting what makes games enjoyable.

NiteX1535d ago

The recent Sacred 3 is a great example.

ShaunCameron1535d ago

That's because the video games industry, namely the home console one, is dependent on the mass market for its success.

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