Nidzumi: Bad Company Hands On Preview

Nidzumi writes: "The Battlefield franchise has enjoyed years of success on the PC side of things but clearly the folks at DICE are wanting to expand. Battlefield 2 Modern Combat was great but due to the platform and the timing of it's release it didn't receive all the attention it really deserved. A few years on and DICE are back with Battlefield Bad Company. This time built from the ground up for the current range of systems on the brand new Frostbite Engine.

Battlefield titles have always been focused on the multiplayer and although the same is the case for Bad Company, the single player campaign does have a lot of polish to it. You take the role of Preston Marlowe who gets assigned to B-Company who are basically a squad of rejects and misfits who can't be trusted to fit in with the regular troops. Early on through the story they find out about a team of mercenaries who get paid in gold bars, they then risk everything by ignoring orders in a quest to find more. Although it sounds like it will be packed with bad-ttitude the whole thing is voiced over by the protagonist and from what we've played he sounds like he has his heart in the right place. Making him very approachable as a character despite what he is actually doing."

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