Doalshock? The most ludicrous game hardware knock-offs

GamesRadar - Here at GamefunRadar, we love telegames. You'll rarely see us on the train without a NineTenDo 3D Yes in our hands, or a PleaseStation Vital. Which is why we need to buy all the latest hardware and peripherals to facilitate our gaming habit. I personally took a walk into town last week and saw this beauty on the shelf. A genuine Doalshock 2, presumably for use with the PloyStation 2.

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crusf1928d ago

I find the knock off consoles are hilarious but is it really necessary for this website to have 14 slides for this? I remember when top 10 lists were all in one easy to read page. Amazing what ad revenue has turned journalism into.

3-4-51928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

* PolyStation Poly Machine - " Built in 10,000,000 in 1 game" this is awesome!

* Super MegaSon - lol

* Wi Wi

* Treamcast

These are awesome.

Bhuahahaha1928d ago

lol at PleaseStation Vital
sounds like a porn made for console

JackOfAllBlades1928d ago

The PleaseStation Vital is what my PlayStation Vita becomes when leveling up my cards in Monster Monpiece

Kavorklestein1928d ago

Those made me Cry.
I can only imagine the sad children who got those consoles are now serial killers.

equal_youth1928d ago

same thoughts were going trough my mind ^^

meatysausage1928d ago

I really want the Battman haha
I remember winning one of those consoles at a show, the ps2 slim that played SNES games
it was actually kind of fun but junk nonetheless

mydyingparadiselost1928d ago

I remember being a kid a playing my Siga Dreamcast. Good times.

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