Why Microsoft should (and will) go big at Gamescom 2014

GamesRadar - Xbox One is gaining momentum. While Sony has a significant headstart in this generation, thanks to a comparatively low price and a consistent PR campaign, people are starting to flock back to Microsoft’s console. Titanfall, the removal of Kinect, and some hefty price-cuts have seen Xbox regaining ground. Now, with Gamescom becoming an increasingly significant date in the gaming calendar, Microsoft is poised to win lapsed fans back once and for all.

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AngelicIceDiamond1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

In reality MS doesn't need to go treal hard or big considering they have healthy AAA's coming down the pipe line.

I hope MS keeps up the trend or rebooting nostalgic fan favorites, more indie arcade support.

I'm not really seeing a new Ip from them it would be somewhat shocking if they reveal as well as delightful.

Like I said more reboots will be a welcome they have a trend with that now. So I expect to see that and more Indie Arcades.

MS doesn't need to go real hard or big at Gamescom they have very healthy software. But TGS, TGS is a different beast for another time.

Spotie1932d ago

I think they should be looking to improve their image in Europe, one of the places they're getting beat in. It's really the best place to introduce new content that careers to that area rather then the US, which is something they have thus far failed at.

4Sh0w1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

This gen basically just started, already X1 is selling ahead of last gen, X1 has a great AAA lineup so far, with even more awesome games still to come this year, next year, and beyond, its undeniable X1 has continued to improve with meaningful updates, and it still isn't available in a ton of markets, all while micro's transitioned to a new CEO who has placed a lot of value in the Xbox brand and the new direct Xbox leadership who is more focused on gaming first. ALL signs are pointing to things just getting better and better. They don't need to do anything drastic, just keep talking and delivering great games like they've been doing this gen so far. THIS is what will make it harder and harder for unbiased gamers who have been patiently waiting to buy a next gen console want to buy a X1.

andydalum1932d ago

Well at E3 scalebound surprised me didn't see that coming, or crackdown 3, or phantom dust. I am not getting my hopes up but i could see them announcing a new IP or at least a new game we have yet to hear bout like a Gears game or the halo game they are working on separate from Halo 5.

nicksetzer11932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

They need to because they are total weak sauce in europe. (As far as marketing and sales go) That said, I have a feeling gamescom will be great for both sony and MS this year.

shinrock1932d ago

I think they have good momentum going in. Should be a good presser.

jnemesh1932d ago Show
BitbyDeath1932d ago

Seeing RARE do something from their back catalog and non-Kinect related would be pretty exciting.

Like a new Conker Or Banjo game.

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The story is too old to be commented.