TVG: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise - Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "Hudson Horstachio and co are heading to the DS and looking mightily impressive after the portable translation...

Such is the secrecy still enjoyed by Rare that we nearly didn't reach their extravagant Twycross premises on a rainy Tuesday morning. Armed with a GPS our cabbie assured us we'd find it without too many troubles, before promptly taking several wrong turns and generally looking befuddled the further we moved away from Birmingham. In between his requests for a videogame for an older audience (isn't that already happening?), we eventually stumbled across the automated gates that signalled our arrival to see Rare's latest collaboration with THQ.

Sending out a bold signal that those Pinata's still have plenty of candy to offer despite a lukewarm reception to the first game on the Xbox 360 (the less said about Party Animals the best), Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise is shaping up to offer the complete VP experience on the humble handheld format with a number of potential improvements that promise to develop upon the original concept."

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