15 new racing thoroughbreds join the Forza Horizon 2 stables.

It's week 3 of the Forza Horizon 2 car reveal and this time round, 15 new motors have been added to the list.

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oSHINSAo1536d ago

That yellow car looks so happy

MajorLazer1536d ago

Indeed. It's called the Hennessey Venom GT by the way, if you were interested

neil3631536d ago

Am I right in saying it has over 1000bhp?

Crazy amount.

Section8uk1536d ago

Looks very similar to a Lotus Elise though


Obviously the performance of the Hennessey is in a different league.

Naga1536d ago

@ Section8UK

As a matter of fact, you're right. Hennessey used the Lotus Elise/Exige as their base design model when developing the Venom.

oKidUKo1536d ago

I'd be happy too being a part of such a huge vehicle list, surrounded by a lovely selection of cars.

Bonkerz1536d ago

Jeez, Horizon 2 has so many choices, so many tracks, so many cars, so many members for clubs, its insane. This game is going to be so damn good, cant wait.

SPARTAN31536d ago

Still all of them were in forza 5.

n4gamingm1536d ago

no rain in forza 5 or open world or good music.

pastysmash1536d ago

50 cars vs 200+

Nuff said.

LAWSON721536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

People can disagree all they want but it is true. Forza Horizon 2 has a wide assortment of classics, muscle cars, JP rally cars, sport cars, executive cars, off road vehicles, and supercars, while Driveclub has supercars and compact executive cars (European only from what I could tell). Whoever says a wider variety of cars is not better is full of crap.

Section8uk1535d ago

It ultimately doesn't matter how many cars a game has. Look at Gran Turismo 5/6 or Forza 3/4. A huge selection of cars to collect and once you've collected them you probably drive like 10-15% of them.

cfc781536d ago

There's more barn finds in FH2 and each one has a brand new car in it so there will be some new editions that aren't in Forza 5.

SPARTAN31535d ago

State a true fact DISAGREE! I would love more unique cars to the series. Really am just mad bec no new sti yet.

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ShaqSoda1536d ago

Wish they game came out this month not, at the end of next.

tgunzz1535d ago

I second that... FH2 looks to hit on all cylinders. Huge open world, drivatars, deep, deep content, voice controlled gps, gigantic car list, etc, etc... This game (along with the forza series) marks a point in which console nuetrality is the only place you can really appreciate what's coming... Drive club, the crew looks to be great rookie sensations indeed, but Forza has been that mega racer from first run. I am seriously going to enjoy this drive season. Game on...

slasaru011536d ago

I personally think it will be the most fun racing game of the year, the gameplay just looks so intense and thrilling. Turn 10 Studios always nails that feeling of speed you want from a racing game.

mcstorm1536d ago

Can't wait for this game too but its done by play ground not turn10. I loved horizon was for me the best racer of last gen and if this is half as good as the last it will again be a hard game to beat.

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