Are You Afraid of Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer?

CCC Says: "Ever since E3, there has been a substantial buzz around the future of Call of Duty. Their latest (entitled Advanced Warfare) no doubt came as a bit of shock to some C.o.D. veterans. While we’ve seen them dabble in future-tech with other entrants in the series (like Blacks Ops) in the past, this is the first time the game has taken such a giant leap into the realm of sci-fi. In fact, many have already compared it to other FPS standards like Halo and Gears of War. It is, if nothing else, expected to be a huge departure from the traditional look and feel we’re used to.

And frankly, that worries a great many people!"

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aceitman1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

not to sure about this one , and im not alone ,the preorders are way under compared to other cod games , it hasn't even reached 70,000 on any system with 15 weeks to go , there all in there 40-60,000 with only 1,000-2,000 added each week

here is what cod games look like 15 weeks before launch ghost black opps 2

cfc781537d ago

Expect a big boost if the multiplayer reveal looks good next week but after Ghosts you can't blame fans for being cautious this time round,im going to hold out till nearer the release date I want to see a lot more of what my moneys buying before my pre order goes in.

XtraTrstrL1536d ago

Yeah, the worst part of Ghosts on PS4 though was it's performance. The game performed like horse shi*t for how non-next gen it looked. This will have a new engine, but still, I wouldn't pre-order for sure. It has to prove itself in gameplay AND performance for me to even think about it this time around. I deleted Ghosts off my PS4 because it was such a CPU hog and was far from as fun as past CODs to begin with. It also has some of the most crappy and boring maps I've seen to date in a COD game. I dunno about the DLC maps, cuz I refused to give them any more of my $$$ after seeing how it performed.

TomShoe1536d ago

Rule #1: We do not talk about VGChartz.


IMO, there's a lot of silent hype behind this game. It's due to a lot of the "dudebros" and the casual crowd that will buy the game that aren't active on gaming forums. Ghosts still sold well even though it was garbage, and that was partly due to casuals. The same could be said for franchises like Madden and FIFA.

porkChop1536d ago

Who the hell cares about the preorder numbers? Time and time again we've seen that preorder numbers have no relation to how well a game sells when it actually comes out.

And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very optimistic about this years COD. New studio, new sub-franchise, new setting, new engine, new feel, etc. It doesn't even look like a COD game, it just looks like a great game.

DLConspiracy1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I remain open minded, but I feel it's a valid concern. It seems that it will be a bit complicated in it's style. It also seems like it could be a risky take on it's normal MP experience but sometimes those risks pay off. Who knows?

People should keep in mind that they have been in contact with A LOT of MLG gamers who play COD nonstop and have worked very closely with them to get their input and make sure it's on par with what gamers want. So that could be somewhat comforting to some.

AshleeEmerson1535d ago

Suuuper funny pic you have there...

On topic...

Your pic is pretty funny.

scark921536d ago

I am pretty sure I played the game already... That is my stance on this game

Gatsu1536d ago

I'm afraid of the game.

yankolo1536d ago

I dont think is gonna be better than titanfall multiplayer...

MSBAUSTX1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

The problem is that all Titanfall is IS multiplayer. That game bored me after a week. 60 bucks to play the same dam thing every day is stupid. Shallow story, no character development and I was not pleased with the lack of background content to the areas. Nothing is explained or developed. Which is why you see articles coming out asking if people are still playing it. It is really doomed when Master Chief Collection comes out. Then we will have content, story out your ass with full HD upgrades to gameplay, and online multiplayer in the same. Against destiny, Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, and then The Devision, Titanfall will be Titan Fell.

DirtyLary1536d ago

Doesnt matter. TitanFall did its job.... launch title to sell day1 consoles and hold gamers over till new titles.

BiggerBoss1536d ago

@dirtylarry. Titanfall wasn't a launch title..

DLConspiracy1535d ago

You didn't know it was only a MP game? Its on the box and was posted about online a billion times? Regardless, its still a great MP game. Great mechanics, great shooter. What's the story of battlefield? I doubt Anyone knows.

objdadon1536d ago

Actually it depends if you want just fun for a short period of time or a competitive game. Titanfall is fun for a while but not competitive at all! Bots, bots bots! As for advanced warfare multiplayer, the first trailer showed a person pulling portable cover out to hide behind! Lol! GTFOH! I'm gonna buy it, people are gonna camp, I'm gonna say f##k cod and trade it in. I am looking forward to the campaign though but I'm more excited for destiny!

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