Games with Gold Still Needs to Step Up

CCC Says: "Microsoft has been shamed. It's the only way to describe the way Sony put the company in its place with PlayStation Plus. It even drove Microsoft to institute Games with Gold in 2013, in an attempt to make Xbox Live Gold's yearly fees more palatable. Gradually, Games with Gold has been improving, with the outreach even extending to the Xbox One in 2014. Sadly, it's still falling short when it comes to catering to Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners, and Microsoft has to put in more effort."

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nicksetzer11533d ago

The last few months GWG has been just as good as PS+ has been, the only exception? Sony gives games for 3 consoles, MS only 2. Otherwise going just by recent months, they are about even.

AngelicIceDiamond1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Wow, I don't understand the constant complaining over this. It started with older titles and now they're getting better. Some games are more attractive than others I do agree.

How many articles will continue to cry about this? This month is actually decent.

I'll wait for next months cries, more cries after, and more after that.

The Super entitled gamer is really getting under my skin. Some of us are so spoiled and entitled its crazy.