Should Keyboard and Mouse Players Be Allowed to Play Against Pad Players in Shooters?

CCC Says: "For the longest time, PC versions of shooters and console versions of shooters haven’t been able to play against each other. The usual reason is business. Usually different people are getting different amounts of money to run different servers for every version of the game. Otherwise, there shouldn’t really be any reason that say, a Playstation version of Call of Duty couldn’t play against an Xbox version of Call of Duty, aside from the fact that Sony and Microsoft don’t want them playing against each other."

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Shacks1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

A part of me doesn't care. As long as the controller support is good. Of course I don't care much anymore about K/D ratio.

nicksetzer11536d ago

I am in the same boat, but I'll stick to the "it depends on the type of game" theory as there are a large amount of people who find it unfair.

randomass1711536d ago

You could always have the option to have servers for just keyboard and mouse and just gamepad players and other servers for both. Let the players decide! :)

XtraTrstrL1536d ago

This is the stance I always took on it.

n4rc1536d ago


They've done research on it.. Top console players can't keep up with mid level PC players.. Its simply unfair

And I'm my personal experience.. I wholeheartedly agree.

nicksetzer11536d ago

I use a 360 gamepad on EVERY game I play and I never have a problem. Not so sure your i fo is right.

n4rc1536d ago

Not saying you can't play.. I exclusively use a pad now.. But..

If you put up pad users and kbm users, you'd see a big gap in performance.. One is simply a better interface..

Even after 6-7 years of solid console fps gaming, I still can't aim half as fast or accurate as I did on my kbm..


n4rc is right I tried to play BF4 with an Xbox 360 controller I had no precision at all compared to mouse only thing that was better with a pad was helicopter flying because you can turn with LB/RB and have the sticks.

AnotherProGamer1536d ago

I actually beat CSGO players with a PS3 controller and made it top of the leaderboard but yeah its harder to use controllers after you used M/KB for awhile

1nsaint1536d ago

I agree to a certain extend, most shooters on PC do allow both controller or mouse and keyboard as controll option.

i've tried most PC games i have with a 360 controller and found that even though i play mostly xbox I'm way more accurate with mouse and keyboard.

the only game on PC that i'm actually better with a controller is titanfall (there's mad aim assist with controller) and i do find that a controller is better for movement (controll stick vs AWSD)

But yes the mouse is definitely more accurate then a thumbstick and a keyboard has more buttons.

but i think it depends on the game and what devs put in to compensate the lack of accuracy on controllers

i would love if devs would make titles cross platform
doesn't have to be in competitive shooters but something co op like borderlands would be great

Saryk1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

No, M/KB players would dominate controller guys. It would be really unfair.

Septic1536d ago

Partly one of the reasons why Shadowrun kinda tanked (among other reasons).

pompombrum1536d ago

Not if the game supports aim assist for controllers. I've tested my wired 360 controller on the PC version of Titanfall and had no problems playing against Keyboard/Mouse players.

1nsaint1536d ago

same here man i do better in titanfall with a controller then with M/KB

pompombrum1536d ago

Same, I find it tracks players from distance a lot more accurately.

n4rc1536d ago

Well... I guess that bypasses the advantage a bit.. But that really just shows how bad the thumbsticks are IMO..

I actually looked back on some old cs videos I had made awhile back.. If I saw this in a killcam on my console today I'd bet my damn console they were cheating lol.. Its honestly insane how pinpoint accurate you can get in the blink of an eye.. Real quickscoping, dragging shots etc.. Even with aim assist I've never gotten anywhere close to what I was doing on a kbm

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Give us the option. KB/M only servers. Controller only servers. Both on the same server. Some games, like Borderlands 1/2, I prefer to play with a controller. Twitch shooters like Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake III, and Nexuiz basically require a KB/M.

I suck at Counter Strike, no matter what I'm using.

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