Velocity 2X: Fun, Fast and Furiously Addictive

Developer Futurlab has made a bold statement to win game of the year with their sci-fi future platformer Velocity 2X. After a sneak peak preview at this years E3 2014, this indie team from Brighton Studios could just be right.

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Frankskint1924d ago

Definitely looking forward to playing this. Looks great at least from a gameplay stand point anyway.

alvinmiller921924d ago

Holy smokes batman this does look amazing! The graphics style reminds me a little of Resogun so shut up and take my money already.

EdnaJones971924d ago

If Resogun had a pilot, her name would be Lt, Kai Tana :)

lisamorgan41924d ago

that would be such a great collaboration between Futurlab and Housemarque if they ever made that happen.

charliewong9801924d ago

Velocity 2x does look good for an indie, but Game of the year winner, I doubt it very much especially with the new COD Advanced Warfare coming out, theres no chance of that happening.

ArronNelson1924d ago

I disagree. I think this could be a game of the year. Does anybody know the soundtrack from the Trailer?

FuturLab1924d ago

It's from the soundtrack. You can preorder it. Google it :)

patelsanjeed1924d ago

What makes me laugh is gamers complaining of lack of originality and then say Velocity 2X could never win game of the Year. Every major were once indies. Support Indies so we get more choices in future, not the same old stuff churning through the factory.

henrythomas2841924d ago

yet another indie, YAWN i think i will pass.