BioShock for iOS is a Bad Idea... Or is it?

Steven was pretty upset at first, hearing that one of his all-time favorite first-person shooters is being ported to mobile. And yet, there may be a silver lining here.

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MrFit1588d ago

How can anyone say it's a bad idea? You can't call it a bad idea to port a hugely popular game, Especially since tons of people like to play games on mobile.I think touch controls suck so its not for me but I bet it'll sell really well.

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hkgamer1587d ago

perfect for a $20-30 vita game.

Mr Pumblechook1587d ago

Bioshock is a great game, if releasing it iOS means a lot more people get to experience it then that benefits the publishers, it makes them a profit and it increases the chances that we'll see a totally new game in the franchise.

I obviously prefer to play it on console because of the better graphics and use of control pad, but there is no need to be snobby to people who don't own a PS3/360. iOS gamers might enjoy it so much it might lead them to buy a home console to play Bioshock Infinite and other games - this is a good thing!

SteamPowered1587d ago

Bring it to Android so I can play it on my Shield!!

SpiralTear1587d ago

Not so much "bad", more like "pointless." iOS gamers don't usually care about games like Bioshock.

TheWackyMan1587d ago

It's not so much they don't care about games like bioshock, it's more WHO WOULD WANT TO PLAY BIOSHOCK WITH TOUCH CONTROLS. I'd rather gouge my eyes out than play it with touch controls.

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