Uncharted 4 has been in development for more than two years

GR-UK writes: "Being crucial to the design of the first three Uncharted titles, Richard Lemarchand is obviously excited about the next entry for the PS4, and even confesses that he took part in the project. Now it's clear Uncharted 4 has been in development for more than two years:

"I got to do some early work on Uncharted 4, so it's going to be interesting and exciting to me to see how it finally turns out in the years since I left Naughty Dog", he explains while keeping "finger's crossed" that A Thief's End is not the last entry.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1926d ago

This game will definitely be the highlight of the PS4

Enemy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

It already is. It's also the best looking game ever made. Praise the Naughty Gods.

Enemy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Go ahead and prove me wrong. Can't say I'll be waiting, I know for a fact there's nothing out there that even comes close to the teaser. It'll be like last gen all over again where Naughty Dog releases a console game that shames everything else.

XStation1926d ago Show
XStation1926d ago Show
Highlife1926d ago

Crysis 3 sucks. Watch Dogs ha. Try again.

JP13691926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

To be fair, he doesn't have to prove you wrong, as until we see actual gameplay, the burden of proof is still on you. I do think ND will produce something spectacular, but you can't proclaim a game the best looking of all time based off a teaser when you have no idea how those assets will transfer to gameplay. Lighting, geometry, post-processing effects and AA can, and usually do, take a hit once the engine has to account for non-scripted events.

XStation - Crysis 3 looks great in some areas, but that one shot that people always post only shows an ugly, low geometry head with huge pores. Not exactly a great example. Keep projecting with the fanboy comments though.

Dark111926d ago


Witcher 3 will eat U4 alive.

Enemy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Crysis 3 has no art direction, which is why the game looks like trash in comparison. It's also a terrible, completely forgettable game.

As far as Watch_Dogs goes, again, I have to question if you're in the right state of mind here. Seems delusional as everyone thought the Uncharted 4 teaser was CGI, while no one thought the same about Watch_Dogs. It looked good but still far behind Uncharted 4.

Here's Crysis 3 looking at its best.

The eyes are dead, his skin looks like clay, and yet, nothing but darkness surrounds him. Couldn't look more generic.

Here's Uncharted 4.

The difference is almost sad.

The Witcher 3 doesn't look as good either.

I understand that PC fanboys keep trying to justify their specs but it's not happening. And now that Crytek is about to close, you'll have a harder time.

Qrphe1926d ago

Crysis 3 doesn't that good to be fair, not anymore at least

JP13691926d ago

Good job comparing real-time gameplay against a cutscene that doesn't have to account for game logic, player input or AI. You don't have an argument and you won't until ND shows gameplay. Given their history, there's a good chance they'll give you a lot to arm yourself with so just be patient and wait until they show something. (Hopefully next week)

MelvinTheGreat1926d ago

yes lets compare two games, one game which was a teaser trailer and is highly likely to suffer from downgrades, and against a game which will be more than two years old when the before mentioned game releases!flawless logic!

extermin8or1926d ago

So @Melvin all naught dogs early trailers are done the same way and the final product is never actually downgraded and the Gameplay is usually very very close to hats shown in the in engine cutscene they use. Regardless in my opinion I'd be fine with games sitting at the last of us remastered graphics level I mean it looks great, some games look better but it looks great and runs smoothly and things don't need to get better looking than that and ac:unity etc I mean great if they do but at this point better graphics has minor impact on the Gameplay and is just icing on the cake, icing we could all easily live without I'd rather see better Ai and larger words generally speaking.

starchild1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

It's going to be an amazing looking game for sure, but there's still a long time before it comes out and we haven't seen any gameplay. A lot can happen between now and then. I think making such loud proclamations at this point is very premature.

Think about it this way, were the Uncharted games the best looking games available on any platform last generation? No, they weren't. They were very nice looking games, among the best, but the better-looking games on PC still looked better. The same will very likely be true this generation.

abstractel1926d ago

XStation: Crysis 3 on PC Ultra was pretty, no doubt. It was not better than Killzone Shadowfall though in the looks department (except for the humans and rain). Watch Dogs 2012 absolutely not. If ND attain the Uncharted 4 teaser in gameplay, it will be by far the best looking game revealed so far. I don't understand how you can think to yourself that you are objective when you say these things.

badz1491926d ago

Crysis 3 on Ultra indeed looks great but ultimately feeels plastic and lifeless. WD? Man...even on the highest setting, it doesn't look THAT great! Makes me think that the early reveal wasn't an actual gameplay but rather rendered to look like gameplay.

PS4FEVER1926d ago

Uncharted 3 is the best looking game made, along with beyond two souls.

Azzanation1925d ago

Shouldn't assume, because your basing your fact off an opinion. Wait and see would be more logical.

Vegamyster1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"Here's Crysis 3 looking at its best.

The eyes are dead, his skin looks like clay, and yet, nothing but darkness surrounds him. Couldn't look more generic.

Here's Uncharted 4. "

I haven't played Cysis 3 but I'm pretty sure his face is grey due to him sitting in the dark with a flashlight shining on him, go into the bathroom and do the same thing and you'll look grey and surrounded by darkness too lol.

This seems like a better screenshot no? http://loopyrants.files.wor...

Corrinne Yu from Naughty Dog said the trailer was in-engine, I have 0 doubts that the game will look great but It's not fair to say it's the best looking game ever when we haven't seen what the gameplay looks like yet

mmcglasson1925d ago


I disagree. The Last of Us Remastered is a very good looking game... but you can tell it's not a next gen title. I would not be happy if Uncharted 4 looked like the Last of Us Remastered. There were a lot of areas in the Last of Us Remastered where you could tell it wasn't made for PS4. Does it look and play better than the PS4 version? Yes, very much so. However, it's just an upgrade, not designed from the ground up.

peshkavusCA1925d ago

Serious question. Where did you get the crystal ball?

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0P-Tigrex1926d ago

Thanks for stating a hollow assertion.

funkybudda1925d ago

Why are all these PC Mustard Race people come in here arguing? the statement clearly refers to PS4, or more specifically, console releases. It's getting tiresome. Oh and Uncharted and TLOU will NEVER be released on PC, so there will be any possible direct comparison to be made that will "WIN" any argument.

Go back to your expensive PC gaming systems and play some game, that's a lot better for you.

LordMaim1926d ago

I can't see Uncharted 4 being the last game in the franchise. It's a massive property for Naughty Dog and Sony, and they'll continue to make games as long as there is interest.

CervantesPR1926d ago

nope, naughty dog will most likely make a brand new IP or make TLOU 2, naughty dog and sony arent nintendo and microsoft, they make brand new games every gen.

LordMaim1926d ago

They have multiple teams. It's not like they only work on one thing at a time. They didn't gain critical acclaim until they created Uncharted, so why would they abandon a vital franchise when they don't have to? The presence of Uncharted 4 on PS4 violates the "new platform, new franchise" law already.

CervantesPR1926d ago

nope, naughty dog has gained critical acclaim since they worked on crash bandicoot,one of the first franchise to give playstation its name, the jak and daxter games were also very loved franchises that defined the PS2, naughty dog has been dominating since the early days, and uncharted 4 is an exception,they probably doing it just so it competes halo 5 they are already working on their next game, it might be TLOU2 or a brand new IP, i think that uncharted 4 might be the last game in the series,at least for now anyway, naghty dog likes to stay fresh.

Chaoticmoon1926d ago

I can see this being the last entry for a while, but I DO see them making another after either TLOU2 or some new IPs.

mmcglasson1925d ago

@Lord Maim

As much as I would love the Uncharted series to never end... It has to. They can't turn this into Halo. Do I think Uncharted 4 will be the last? No, but I think this game would shock everyone if they actually killed off the main character (Drake/Sully). It would be an epic ending to and epic game... However, I hope it doesn't happen in Uncharted 4. They might not kill off Drake but if they did... Think about how jaw dropping that would be? Not even Hideo Kojima could kill off Solid Snake. If they do kill off Drake, it needs to be epic story. The game needs to be so freaking epic that it takes like 20-30 hours of amazing story, amazing gameplay, to get to the finale. If they kill off Sully, that would be depressing, but they could make the next game very dark... Drake going after everyone that had anything to do with Sully's death.

Or they could make the final Uncharted with a very amazing/epic light hearted ending (Sully and Drake both living).

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chrissx1926d ago

When uncharted 4 releases, new standards shall be set

scark921926d ago

lets hope, sick of all Dem mediocre games >:(

weirdo1926d ago

i have a feeling that uc4 will look better than everything, on both console and pc. next-gen is here ppl

Strangelover1926d ago

It's funny that PC fans can't come to terms with the fact that Uncharted 4 looks better than Crysis 3. ALL THEY TIME they show 2 similar pictures with Psycho, moreover - it's not gameplay, you can't control your actions, you can't look around - it's an in-engine cutscene. Finally, I wonder how Crysis 3 would look on 400$ PC - nothing spectacular.

FriedGoat1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

graphics is all PC gamers have to cling onto, considering most PC games are trash, mmo, moba or muliplatform trash.

I'm only keeping my PC upgraded for Star Citizen, pc has been dead to me for years, and this is coming from someone who's gamed since the 80's.

Eiffel1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

So you're judging a game still in development based off a short teaser of the protagonists face up close, no gameplay shown at all. How is that any different than what you've just stated about Crysis 3 with Psycho's face up close? To Crysis 3's credit there's gameplay to show, also the Crysis series has always had open level design, much like Halo. Uncharted based on previous entries has been fairly linear for the sake of cinematic storytelling. So really both are incomparable.

Vegamyster1925d ago


There is a decent amount of good PC games either out now, early access or coming soon this year that aren't trash or related to those genre's.

Divinity Original Sin, Planetary Annihilation, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Elite Dangerous, Wasteland 2, Grey Goo (Ex-Westwood aka C&C)ect.

GundalfDeGrej1925d ago


Those cutscenes are all in-game and you CAN look around while they're running. That's more than what you can do in Uncharted so I'm not sure what your point is.

edqe1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

@FriedGoat: "graphics is all PC gamers have to cling onto, considering most PC games are trash, mmo, moba or muliplatform trash.

graphics is all PC gamers have to cling onto, considering most PC games are trash, mmo, moba or muliplatform trash."

Maybe you should something else - deep RPGs, simulations, RTS, 4X, grand strategy, etc. Those games requires thinking which is totally uncommon in big titles nowadays.

Unfortunately the big game titles has gone very bad. Straightforward, lots of hand holding and simplified story driven (cover) shooters and jumping games.

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Spotie1926d ago

So you've proven you're a troll. What relevance is that?

WeAreLegion1926d ago

To be honest, there's not much that can touch Killzone: Shadow Fall or inFamous: Second Son, either. I'm rocking Metro: LL, Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, and everything else on ultra, too.