Why GameStop’s New Trade-In Values Are Not As Good As You May Think

HSR's Bryan Dull writes:

'Kotaku recently revealed GameStop’s plan to reevaluate their trade-in prices later this month and, as predicted, the internet responded with joy for the most part, with plenty stating that “it was about time” and “what took them so long?” While on the surface this seems a like a good thing, let the knowledge of a former employee inform you why it is not.

The main point that I want to go over is the fact that GameStop is no longer offering trade in-deals. What that means is that there will be no more getting extra credit when the credit goes towards an upcoming game and no more tiered trade specials (30% more for three games, 40% for four, etc) that net you more store credit based on the number of trades-in you have. Instead of these offers, GameStop is raising their credit amount by 20%, so your $20 trade-in becomes $24 (see chart below). To the consumer this seems great, but as a former employee, I believe there is an underlying reason to this.'

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