Assassin’s Creed Unity Details: Cafes, Arno, And More Revealed

"Who would have thought it? Turns out Arno's kind of a bookworm."

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bixxel1587d ago

"Each of these missions last around 30 to 40 minutes."
I'm glad we are getting a more civilized educated protagonist born of a noble family.Connor was the complete opposite.
By the way,((((Minor Spoilers Begins))))...Arno was reared by Templars.(((Spoiler ends)))

ab5olut10n1587d ago

No guards on rooftops - slightly disappointing. I always enjoyed sneaking up on them and either pulling them off or stabbing them and throwing their bodies to the streets below.

sungam3d1587d ago

I liked that aspect, never know whats coming, never safe.

Now I guess roof tops are pretty much invisibility and god mode in one... Whats the point?

TFJWM1587d ago

Since the buildings have floors perhaps they are going to be in windows instead

kingjosh18761587d ago

I saw lot's of complaints about the guards on rooftops in AC3.

--bienio--1587d ago

This game start intrigues me..;)

XtraTrstrL1587d ago

God, I really am getting excited for this game. Multiplayer for the whole campaign. More rpg elements with the different clothes that actually effect abilities and attributes. Being able to go into 1/4 the buildings in such a dense and huge city. The parkour looking 10 times better. I'm hype for this.

UNKLE1587d ago

this game is a complicated romantic story nothing else move along...