10 Disturbing Tales Of Video Game Obsession

A horrifying collection of stories about gaming addictions that went too far.

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user74029311535d ago

damn selling her body for in game currency? jesus where was i when this happened?

DonDon1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Lol your just fits your statement perfectly!

She's ugly and boney as hell too; but it's nothing a little brown paper bag, some alchohol, and dim lighting couldn't fix.

ifistbrowni1535d ago

Probably taking weird Seflies and linking them to your gaming accounts on the internet.

contradictory1534d ago

number 3 and 1 were really screwed up..

LazyGoron1534d ago

That's the saddest article

ArtificiallyYours1534d ago

Number one is a classic psychopath.

RustEGearz1534d ago

The fact that a man would even lay a finger on his own child that way is sickening! Video games aren't that important compared to your own damn children!

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