Road Not Taken Launch Trailer Revealed

Road Not Taken, the indie puzzler offering from Spry Fox, is hitting the PlayStation 4 today, bringing its charming visuals and interesting premise to the video gaming world.

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TenBensons1535d ago

Although I'm looking forward to checking this out on PS4, I wish Sony would give us a AAA title, even Knack would suffice.

SaveFerris1535d ago

Forgive my ignorance, but is Knack considered a AAA title?

Darth Gamer1535d ago

It was till it came out. Lol

cee7731535d ago

Your ignorance has been forgiven now goodnight to you.

KingDustero1535d ago

AAA has nothing to do with how good a game it. It is based on how much money is used on it. I believe AAA games at the least cost around $30-$35 million.

As for Knack I'm not sure how much was put into it, but it was most likely AAA.

Paul_JC1535d ago

I would love to have a ps plus game where we can move in 3 dimensions...

porkChop1535d ago

You mean like Contrast, Dead Nation, Outlast, etc?

Paul_JC1534d ago

Outlast true. Its just been so long...

sobotz1535d ago

This game is so boring.

Darth Gamer1535d ago

Just downloaded this game and fez using the PS app on my phone. I hope its good. Look forward to checking it out.

mt1535d ago

speaking artistically this game is wow. gameplay-wise I don't quite understand how it works.