3 Reasons Why The Last of Us: The Movie is Destined to Fail

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Common wisdom seems to be that The Last of Us is the great white hope for movies adapted from video games; that its combination of top-tier performances, mature subject matter, and cinema-influenced visual style will be the magic formula that transcends the niche appeal of video games to film audiences. Here are a few reasons, however, why it’s not likely to be the one that pulls it off."

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fonger081933d ago

I think it's going to be hard to convey the emotional experience that made the game so powerful to the big screen. I think without a controller and hours poured into a unique experience like TLoU, it's only excepted that something would be lost from the transition to a film. Not to mention, you're asking the most awarded game ever, to be a translated into a medium that exactly panned out in the past. Not exactly an easy gig...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1933d ago

It always is. Trying to fit 15 hours worth of story into a 2-3 hour movie seems daunting. They'll definitely have to change the story a bit and do it in a way that doesn't take away from it's identity.

But the guy that wrote the last of us story is also writing the movie so I'm sure he'll think of something. The hard part for me is going to be judging the movie experience independently of the game experience. I'm sure it'll stand on it's own merits.

iamnsuperman1933d ago

I somewhat feel they have gone the wrong direction with making a film in stead of a mini series. The entire game feels like a mini series. I wonder why they over looked it

Mr Pumblechook1933d ago

Twinfinite "3 Reasons Why The Last of Us: The Movie is Destined to Fail."

Haters gonna hate.

ramiuk11933d ago

i didnt play TLOU on ps3 but got it day 1 on ps4.
Best game i have ever played ,story and characters was outstanding imo.
I didnt beleive it would be as good as the hype but jeez,its underhyped.

Dont get me wrong my setup is awesome
106" screen with high spec surround system, so i was totally imersed into the world and did it in 3 sittings.

years aog when i was younger i would stop up till silly hours with joy,over the years i lost that urge but this last 3 days i have been glued to screen and its all that was on my mind while at work.
but appocolypic is an amazing setting.

just gotta do the Behind Us DLC now

funkybudda1933d ago

To convey the emotional experience of the game, you need top notch actors and they don't come cheap. Since they already have a solid foundation of the script from the game, they just need a big budget to secure some top hollywood actors to play the part and get a proven director. If they are going to be cheap about it, of course it's going to fail.

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WeAreLegion1933d ago

Screen Gems is giving Naughty Dog final say on actors and director. Neil is penning the script. Sam Raimi is producing because he didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

If any video game movie is going to succeed, it is this one.

The Comic Con panel was very informative.

slappy5081933d ago

BUt I thought I'd already seen the Last of Us movie last year, or World War Z as some people like to call it.

LordMaim1933d ago

Unlike The Last of Us, I'm pretty sure that World War Z didn't win any awards.

Unless you count Razzies.

wheresmymonkey1933d ago

I disagree mainly because the Last of US uis basically The Road with Zombies and that made a perfectly fine movie.

Hell if they get the guy that directed it and hire Macy williams and get Rory Mcann to play ellie and joel they're pretty much onto a winner from the get go.

Blacktric1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

"Last of US uis basically The Road with Zombies"

The Road's universe is infinitely darker than the Last Of Us. For instance; the two main characters have never found a human settlement during the course of the movie, which spans a long enough time. Everything in the world is dead. There aren't even a live tree in sight for God's sake. Not to mention the kid regularly complaining about being really hungry for the first hour of the movie. I understand that you guys like The Last Of Us a lot, but come on.

On topic; I have no hope for neither this, nor the Metal Gear Solid movie, simply because of Screen Gems and Avi Arad's involvement, who said that people who made Resident Evil movies did it "right" and he's gonna do the same with MGS movie.

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